Law of Attraction centered on brand new website

This press release discusses a new website that aims to help people of all spiritual beliefs with the law of attraction.

Online PR News – 07-November-2010 – – In response to an increased demand for quality guidance with the law of attraction, Transformational Coach Constantine Xanthos is announcing the launch of his brand new website which focuses exclusively on helping others with the law of attraction.

According to a recent poll, many people are said to believe that mastering the law of attraction is impossible. Even more believe that conscious manifestation is reserved for spiritual masters and divine teachers. But according to students that have benefitted from Mr. Xanthos’ teachings, this simply isn’t the case: “When I arrived on Constantine’s website I honestly believed that the law of attraction was a hoax that was perpetuated by people who prayed on others’ hopes. But when I put some of his teachings to work, I finally began to see a real change in my life. I realized that the law of attraction is working in all our lives all the time, the difference is whether or not we are able to consciously use it.”

Studies have shown that up to 60% of people who use the law of attraction for the first time end up with frustrating results. This is disconcerting for those who came away from such projects as “The Secret” with high hopes and eager anticipation.

Concerns like this ring throughout the spiritual community, and Mr. Xanthos’ new website specifically caters to those who have tried the law of attraction with limited results. “One thing I like to emphasis in my work is a balanced heart-mind approach,” Constantine says. “Before a person can effectively use the law of attraction there must be a balance within themselves. When you get the inner right the outer will take care of itself; my teachings are centered precisely on that type of balanced approach.”

So far the website has been extremely well received in spiritual circles, but it has also found a place among those that aren’t necessarily “spiritually minded.” Its practical approach suits anyone who is interested in learning more about the law of attraction regardless of their spiritual beliefs. Perhaps that is what has made it the go-to place when learning the law of attraction.

For all those who have experienced disappointment with the law of attraction, Constantine Xanthos’ website comes as a welcome helping hand. With a wealth of information and pre-screened resources, now even those who feel hopeless with the law of attraction can begin manifesting their desires into reality.
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