Walter Advisory Group appoints Dean Hunter as Head of International Markets

Walter Advisory Group today announced that Dean Hunter has been appointed as Head of International Markets.

Online PR News – 26-October-2016 – HONG KONG – Walter Advisory Group’s new Head of International Markets will now take on responsibility for heading the International Markets division, serving individuals and professionals, entrepreneurial and corporate clients.

Dean Hunter joins Walter Advisory Group from Barclays Bank in London, where he was a Senior Market Analyst for Asian Markets. Mr. Hunter will be based in Walter Advisory Group’s global headquarters in Hong Kong and will frequently travel around the region.

Walter Advisory Group’s Financial Director, Mr. Jeremy Robinson commented on Mr. Hunter’s appointment saying “I have every confidence in Dean’s ability to steer the growth of our activities in our international markets division and pinpointing opportunities. He will bring to the task the vast experience he has acquired during his years of experience to individual and corporate clients.”

“The successful transformation, not least in the introduction of digital tools, will stand him in good stead in driving forward the changes in our firms’ networks and adapting them to the changing habits and requirements of our clients”, added Mr. Robinson, Financial Director of Walter Advisory Group.

Walter Advisory Group is a long established independent offshore wealth management company. We are not incentivised to endorse any specific products, and can provide guidance on the full range of products, vehicles and structures available to maximize the efficiency of your capital to your specific requirements.

Walter Advisory Group began as a small brokerage firm in Hong Kong in 1977 and grew steadily from its first trade. The company, previously called Walter, Walter & Hui Advisors was renamed Walter Advisory Group in 2007 after the Walter family bought the remaining shares from the Hui family.

Walter Advisory Group has always remained an independent company. We apply the same standards and offer the same range of products to our smallest clients as to our largest. We have never held a position where one of our clients is hedging against the interests of another, and we never will. It is very straightforward to avoid any conflict of interest as all of our clients are benefiting from the same guidance from our in-house researchers and analysts. The only way we make money is by making our clients’ money.

While our founding principles are steeped in tradition, we have always remained alert to the implications of new technologies and we developed one of the first algorithms to graphically display patterns in the international futures market in real time. Similarly, we stay informed up to the moment on the ever diversifying range of financial and investment products available, and more importantly their particular usefulness in the context of offshore structuring.