David Disrael tin TX Announces that his firm is now offering services to halt foreclosure in Texas

Many homeowners are unaware that very often lenders who foreclose on homes do so illegally.

Online PR News – 27-October-2016 – Austin, TX – The good news is that foreclosure can be stopped dead in its tracks through a restraining order or bankruptcy and other techniques. Of course some of these processes involve an attorney, expenses, and may not work.rnrnCongress has recently become aware that banks and mortgage companies are foreclosing on homes without following proper procedures. In fact Bank of America and other banks halted foreclosures for a time to reexamine their procedures. The key issue is that loans are sold and re-sold along with the servicing rights and many time the foreclosing bank isn’t even entitled to foreclose because the transfer of owners wasn’t Done correctly. To see if you qualify for an emergency stay of foreclosure.rnrnSome people are still living in homes were they have not made a payment to their mortgage company in ten YEARS! Our firm does not advocate the use of maneuvers to avoid paying legitimate debts. Instead we advocate for consumers and educate them on their legal rights in Texas. Lack of information can be financially deadly. There are at least ten different ways to put a bank on hold. While restraining orders are good for one month, other techniques can be used to hold the bank off for much longer. For example, if you have a buyer a bank make agree to take less than what is owed just to avoid the whole process. rnrnFor a free analysis of your situation, call David Disraeli at 512.-464-1110 or email me at david@pcfo.net