Surveillance Pros Eye Trax Proudly Announce Two New Solar Powered Security Camera Systems

Eye Trax has already made a big splash in the field of solar powered security camera systems with their cellular "Ranger" camera.

Online PR News – 25-October-2016 – Charlotte, NC – October, 2016 - Charlotte, NC - Eye Trax has already made a big splash in the field of solar powered security camera systems with their cellular "Ranger" camera. Now, Eye Trax introduces two new cameras, both intended to provide quality autonomous security which is affordable for mid-sized organizations.

The Mega camera is designed around its high-quality, 10-megapixel camera, capable of capturing 3000x4000 still images. The camera features pan-zoom-tilt functionality, and is weatherproofed for outdoor use - including its own view screen wiper blade. Full time and location tagging along with motion detection allow it to quickly spot and record any unauthorized access to buildings, construction sites, sensitive R&D areas, and more.

The other new solar powered security camera system is the Predator, designed for all-around surveillance. The Predator has a 5-megapixel camera, and features both still and full video recording capabilities. Infrared night-vision capabilities make it a superior option for nighttime use as well, or for after-hours office or warehouse security.

Both units feature solar-charged batteries capable of ten days' usage once fully charged. They utilize cellular networks to securely upload materials to Eye Trax's own servers, allowing for easy remote access from anywhere, at any time. The Predator also features Wi-Fi capabilities, for additional access options.

Eye Trax now has a full line of excellent and affordable security cameras which are extremely difficult for thieves to disable. With their low price and rental options, they're a superior choice for a wide range of organizations. For more information, contact Eye Trax directly.

About Eye Trax, Inc.

Eye Trax was founded in 2007 when its owner, Jerry McSorley, saw a real market need for affordable power-independent remote-access security cameras. Previously, such systems had only been available to large enterprises. Eye Trax made high-quality surveillance possible, even for mid-range businesses, with rental options for extra affordability. Today, their line of solar powered security camera systems is trusted by organizations around the world, and recognized as a superior balance between price, power, and performance.
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