Biogetica Announces Publication of Patents for Herpes Treatment
10/25/2016 a collective of Doctors and Scientists dedicated to the mission of bringing nature back to medicine has announced

Online PR News – 25-October-2016 – Los Angeles, California Oct 20, 2016 – a collective of Doctors and Scientists dedicated to the mission of bringing nature back to medicine has announced the publication of various patents related to the natural treatment of oral and genital herpes.
The Indian Patent Office has published a patent number for Biogetica’s proprietary formulation Hyperisince that combines Hypericum Mysorense with other Anti-Viral Herbs and has a unique cellular delivery mechanism.
There is also a Patent Pending in USA that relates to the use of Hypericum Mysorense in a particular combination, as a Method of Treatment for Herpes and similar Patents applied for in India.
Hypericum Mysorense made international headlines when Indian Scientists at the JSS school of Pharmacology claimed that they had found a “cure for herpes” after a very promising in vitro study that showed 100% suppression of the Herpes Simplex Virus.
However, it was the Scientists and Doctors at Biogetica that invented a precise delivery mechanism and inter cellular transport for the Active Molecules of the formulation containing Hypericum Mysorense to work in Vivo.
Biogetica has also received approval from the AYUSH department of Ayurvedic, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathic Medicine for its products as an Ayurvedic Treatment for the Management of Herpes Simplex.
Numerous trials are ongoing for the treatment of Herpes with Hypericum Mysorense and the results thus far have been extremely promising.
Herpes Simplex is now considered to be the second most common virus on earth after the common cold. New research has shown that being infected with herpes triples ones chances of catching HIV. Antiviral creams or drugs like Acyclovir, Valtrex, Sorivudine, Famivir and/or Denavir only treat the symptoms of Herpes.
Antiviral drugs and other pharmaceutical attempts have not been able to cure herpes and those suffering are always in fear of passing the infection onto their lovers and children.
It is truly great to see these advancements in the field of natural medicine with relation to the HSV viruses. The patents and the results of trials are both great news for people suffering from globally.