Environmental Sensitive Operations Helped By Modern Fleet of Mini Crawler Cranes

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Online PR News – 07-November-2010 – – For Immediate Release

City Lifting unveils its new army of super modern mini crawlers

Essex, United Kingdom, November 1st, 2010 – City Lifting (www.citylifting.co.uk), one of the oldest and most established crane hire companies in the business, has recently unveiled its new fleet of super modern mini crawler cranes. The cranes, which are designed to operate in enclosed or environmentally sensitive areas, are able to fit into minute spaces and still perform the work of a much larger machine.

They enjoy a lifting capacity of up to 6 tonnes, with a fully extended boom length of 21 metres, and are able to manoeuvre with ease and dexterity inside places that normal lifting equipment would never manage to conquer. That makes them ideal for maintenance projects and special refits – or for lifting work inside buildings.

The dual power capabilities of the mini crawler cranes make them the perfect solution for environmentally sensitive projects. The cranes run on both diesel and electric power sources, which means they operate to a minimal carbon footprint and can be switched to full electric mode in jobs and areas where noise infringement is a technical issue. Health and Safety stipulations are also met using electric mode, as the crawlers can operate without emitting fumes when used in an indoor environment.

The mini crawler cranes run on caterpillar tracks so they can be rotated through a 360 degree arc on any given spot. Once located properly, the cranes extend four stabilising arms, which can bear the weight of a boom lift through any angle of the radius.

City Lifting intends to use the fleet primarily as a solution for contractors operating to strict environmental or manual handling guidelines, and to facilitate work in small spaces. The cranes are available for hire either as contract lifts (with operator included); crane hire; or machine only. For more information visit www.citylifting.co.uk/mini-crawler-cranes/

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