Reviveadservermod announces consulting services for OpenX/revive adserver

Reviveadservermod had announced the consulting services for all versions of OpenX/revive adserver. It includes installation, upgrade, and plugin customization.

Online PR News – 25-October-2016 – Bangalore – Reviveadservermod, a prominent plugin provider for revive adserver has announced their consulting services for OpenX/revive adserver. Their services are the installation of OpenX/revive adserver, upgrade of OpenX to revive adserver v4.0, and customization. Revive adserver is an open source ad server for advertisers, publishers and ad networks to handle the basic ad operations. Their ad server delivers ads in desktop and mobile websites and applications. Their users can manage the ad campaign and perform basic targeting operations.
Revive adserver had recently declared their new version revive adserver v4.0 by rectifying their previous errors and by optimizing the package with added functionalities. Their older versions of revive adserver which are not compatible with PHP7 is now supports PHP7 and above environment by newly added PHP7 mysqli extension. Their browser and operating system targeting have been updated by the replacement of their older phpsnifflibrary to sinergi browser detector. They have increased the banner size from 64 MB to 16 MB to extend their support of HTML5 banner.
Reviveadservermod provides consulting for all versions of revive adserver by assisting its users to install any version of revive/OpenX ad server and to upgrade from older version of OpenX to revive adserver v4.0. They also provide plugin customization support as per the user business requirements.
Their plugins support all versions of revive adserver and provide extended features to the ad server. Their plugins include a display, mobile, video ads, signup, third party integration, targeting, reporting, billing, and other required plugins. Their third party integration enables programmatic advertising in revive adserver through their SSP and DSP plugins. Signup module will add a separate sign page for the advertiser and publisher to register in revive/OpenX adserver.
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