Kerala, India-Based Marketing Firm SMBChamp Establishes Local Marketing Group to Serve Small Business

SMBChamp's newly developed local marketing group will deliver local marketing services aimed at increasing business opportunities online for small businesses.

Online PR News – 06-November-2010 – – SMBChamp's new local marketing group will work closely with clients to identify practical and actionable online opportunities, providing recommendations on the best way to employ money and resources to go after those opportunities. SMBChamp will also address issues or concerns, both new and existing and develop a course of action to take. Given the increasing sophistication of online marketing, small businesses struggle to keep up, and it is against this backdrop that SMBChamp will operate. The new local marketing group promises to deliver high quality marketing advice and services to help small businesses realize success.

"Small business owners have been conveying to us through our small business marketing blog, their frustrations with online marketing, and are emphatic about wanting to do things right so that they can begin to see results," notes Adarsh of SMBChamp. Despite valiant efforts, Adarsh adds that "small business owners simply have neither the time nor the expertise to launch an effective campaign."

SMBChamp will offer clients small business strategies and tactical help in the form of services geared toward getting the sites of their clients in front of a wide range of audience. Some of the services offered include online marketing; geo-targeting; search engine optimization; effective site design; social media; blog postings; and of course, article marketing. SMBChamp can also help clients visualize their traffic by setting up site analytics and reporting services. With metrics, clients will be able to view quantitative information and develop plans based on objective measures.

"Local marketing is a little different from traditional marketing campaigns," explains Adarsh, one of the consultants at SMBChamp. "We have been assisting many businesses, from large national organizations to local small businesses, and we have developed an effective approach to local marketing and advertising that has resonated well with our clients and that has been well received by the market." Adarsh explains the need for a new group by stating "The rise in local small business marketing demand has prompted us to dedicate resources and personnel to focus exclusively on that market, so we established a group that will service only local marketing clients."

The marketing industry asserts that business owners may actually be losing money by not investing in marketing. Worst yet, some businesses end up worse off by employing the wrong kind of marketing, one that is not in accord with their objectives. When this happens, businesses end up with profit leaks, which deliver nothing in the form of added revenue, and ultimately serve no other purpose but to saddle a business with additional overhead. It is exactly this kind of scenario that SMBChamp can help avert. "By working with us, our clients can leave the marketing efforts in good hands so that they can return their focus on matters that they know best, and that is, serving their customers," concludes SMBChamp consultant Adarsh.

Kerala, India based SMBChamp delivers high quality marketing advice for small business owners. They also provide marketing services which will help small businesses gain more exposure and sales online.

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