Noliac participates in the Eurostar funded ELVISA project

The objective of ELVISA is to develop new miniature piezo motors for micropositioning in applications such as instruments and cameras.

Online PR News – 24-October-2016 – Kvistgaard/Denmark – Small actuator stacks with low voltage and vibration-resistant connectionsrnrnNoliac’s focus in this project is to develop small actuator stacks with low voltage and vibration-resistant connections. Charles Mangeot, Senior R&D Engineer at Noliac, explains:rnrn- Noliac already offers plate actuator stacks in a wide range of dimensions from very small sizes down to 2x2x4 mm (length x width x height) up to the very large 15x15x150 mm. This project will challenge our standard range with an even smaller version of dimensions 1x1x5 mm. rnrn- At the same time, the project requires us to develop actuators operating at very low voltage (45 V), where we currently offer our actuators down to 60 V. A third focus area is that the connections on the actuator stacks are required to resist the high amplitude vibrations induced by the stick-slip motion of the motor, with a target of more than 109 cycles. Therefore, we will work on the wiring to increase its flexibility and strength. The project has just begun, and we are very excited about the challenges ahead.rnrnBesides the 1x1x5 mm piezo actuator plate stacks, Noliac will also deliver piezo actuator plate stacks of more usual dimensions, around 5x5x20 mm, for the project. These stacks will be designed for UHV applications.rnrnRead more about Noliac’s piezo actuator plate stacks at versions: For space or for consumer electronicsrnrnThe objective of the project implies that two versions of the piezo motor will be developed. The larger version, using Noliac’s 5x5x20 mm piezo actuators, could be used for example in space applications, medical instruments, optronic cameras etc. The other version of the piezo motor is intended for consumer electronics, and this is where the 1x1x5 mm piezo actuator will be used.rnrnNoliac is collaborating with Cedrat Technologies on this project. Cedrat Technologies will develop the motor and driver using the actuators developed by Noliac.rnrnMore about EurostarsrnrnEurostars is a joint programme between EUREKA and the European Commission, co-funded from the national budgets of 36 Eurostars participating states and partner countries and by the European Union.rnrnGo to the website of Eurostars at information?rnrnIf you would like to know more about the project in general or Noliac’s contributions to the project, please contact Charles Mangeot