eCustom Leather Jacket Has Made the Leather World Smaller

eCustomer Leather Jacket has not only their website for leather lovers to reach them, but they already have Twitter and Facebook accounts to make the leather world more united, accessible and smaller.

Online PR News – 05-November-2010 – – The Marketing Head have observed that a number of their friends and families spend more time on social networking sites and not even bother to check other websites in the World Wide Web. So, this brought the idea for eCustom Leather Jacket to set up Twitter and Facebook accounts so customers could already check the new stocks or contact them without having to interfere with their busy lives. Customer can already tweet their orders, questions and suggestions at Twitter account: eLeatherJacket and in their Facebook page: eCustom Leather Jackets.
Not only this gives their business a wider exposure but this is also an effort to unite their customers, loyal patrons and all other leather lovers in the World Wide Web. This could be a good ground for friendship, exchanging ideas, comments, suggestions and even information.Customers will have the freedom whether they want their opinions be heard publicly or just by the staff alone. So far, they have just started their Twitter account but they already have more than 3,500 followers. A massive number gotten for such a minimum time. This could be a great way for making new friends and creating a whole new community for all leather lovers out there.
You will be notified about the latest updates, promotions, contests of their company. Subscribing to these accounts puts you in great advantage of having the freedom to check updates from your favorite apparel whenever you like, without taking the risk of being bombarded by tons of emails or updates everyday. Once the manager has been asked on how they would handle public bad comments. He replied that basic rule tells us that we cannot always please everyone. It is always their customer’s right to air their comments about the service and product they got from the company regardless if it's good or bad, so long as it is true and spoken in a prudent manner. Criticisms are ought to be taken constructively for them not to repeat whatever mistake was done. They have already embraced the fact that there is no room for a frail-heart when they want to succeed.
eCustom Leather Jacket staff is always there for their customer’s convenience to discuss detailed plans on what their jacket should be. They want to make sure that they could inform customers right away if and when problem or unwanted circumstances happen upon making the jacket. As they always say, "Trust always begets trust!". Aside from expanding their communication through Facebook and Twitter, eCustom Leather Jackets have also expanded their business to 50+ countries, so if you log in to their Facebook or Twitter accounts, you’re sure to have more friends from different countries.

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