Ecosmob Technologies Announced To Offer VoIP Mobile Dialer Development for Car Service Center

Ecosmob Technologies offers custom Mobile dialer application development service. The dialer app uses SIP to support communication features.

Online PR News – 24-October-2016 – Olympia, Washington – Ecosmob Technologies is one of the leading VoIP solution development and mobile application development service provider company. The company has hundreds of clients across the globe who enjoy the client centric services and innovative solutions offered by the Ecosmob Technologies. The company has always come up with the custom solution to benefit entire community or specific industry segment. This time they have come up with a custom VoIP dialer app solution specifically for Car service centers and garage owners.

“You might be thinking how a mobile dialer app can be helpful to a car service provider? The fact is it can work as a great tool for them. It will not only help them to increase the customer satisfaction, but also increase their business. How? Let me explain. It is a pretty general scenario we face break down to our car and call at car service provider or the garage where we have given contract or whichever is nearby. Most of the time we get an answer to leave the car at the breakdown place which will be picked up by the service center people, get repaired and then we will be contacted to pick it up or even a few car service centers deliver the cars at the doorstep. This is the best approach when we are dealing with some major issue with the car. But what if the issue is very minor and can be fixed quickly by the mechanic? Why shall we still wait so long and go through the whole process? Here, SIP mobile dialer can be very useful. If the car service center or a garage owner has the VoIP mobile dialer, he could distribute it among all the customers. Whenever someone needs help from the service center, he/she may use this dialer application, not only to inform about the breakdown, but also to convey the situation at the moment. The VoIP mobile dialer has features such as image sharing, video sharing and file sharing as well. The customer can send the pics of the car, the car service center may see the condition and can quickly help them, if possible. This will increase the customer satisfaction as now they get quick assistance as well as they possess advanced communication tools to reach for quick help from car centers. At the same time, it will also save lots of time and resources of the car service centers. As if issues can get fixed quickly, then they can resolve the issue in one visit which will save them from getting the car to the service center and the whole procedure it requires.”, stated the representative of Ecosmob Technologies.

This dialer app can also be used to share tutorials, pictures, etc. to stay in touch with the customers by car service centers. A white label solution will provide the brand benefits to the car service center and garages as well as will impart the cost benefits by reducing the communication cost between staff and customers.

To know more about this specific solution in detail, the representative of the company has advised to drop an email at