File Just One Collection Complaint, and Never Be Pestered Again?

It’s no secret that collection agencies are being sued for abusive practices. Many of these suits are from previous plaintiffs. So now they are scrubbing the names of litigious debtors from their lists.

Online PR News – 30-September-2009 – – Waxhaw, NC - Like flashing blue lights in your rearview mirror, a nasty call from a collection agency can get the adrenaline pumping. But what can be done when they go too far? Calls of a threatening nature, or calls at work when you’ve asked them to stop, are violations of a consumer’s rights. But now, by filing a collection complaint, debtors can prevent future calls. “You’ll be placed on their Do Not Call list”.

Collection agencies have done their research and found that over 18% of all complaints in the form of a lawsuit are brought by consumers who have sued in the past. Settlements for violations of Fair Debt Collection laws are typically in the $1500 range. So what are collectors doing to reduce these losses? They subscribe to daily data services like WebRecon and LexisNexis for the names of people filing collection complaints. Then they scrub those names from collection campaigns. According to WebRecon, “Creditors and collection firms use WebRecon’s services to segregate predictably litigious consumers from their databases. A significant percentage of consumer litigation is initiated by the same consumers over and over again, and screening them out of the general population can reduce lawsuits by as much as a third.”

So if you receive collection calls and you know the types of behavior which are violations, it can pay off twice. First, you could receive a cash settlement from filing the collection complaint. Second, since they’ll scrub you from future collection activity, you could be in for a peaceful future, free of irritating calls. Consumers can visit for a brief list of illegal collection actions.

If you have a complaint against a collection agency, consumers can call the Collection Complaint Hotline at 800-379-0688. Consumers may speak with a legal expert in the area of fair debt collection law, free of charge. If valid, they will file the complaint for you. The Collection Complaint Hotline is one of several relief hotlines managed by CareConnect USA. Families and employees can connect with resources for financial relief nationwide. The other hotlines include assistance with Debt Relief, Mortgage Relief, tax relief, and free bankruptcy advice. All hotlines can be found at

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