InterContinental Beverage Capital and Paradise Beverages Assist HVB in ultra premium water's expansion.

Online PR News – 23-October-2016 – Honolulu, HI – Honolulu, HI (October 17th, 2016) – Hawaii based Hawaii Volcanic Beverages (“HVB”) proudly announces the successful launch of 3 new environmentally friendly packages for its ultra premium water which are responsibly made from recycled plastic (RPET), and that it has entered into an expanded distribution partnership agreement with Paradise Beverages, Inc. (“PBI”). PBI has been successfully distributing HVB’s water bottled at the companies privately owned and protected pristine source packaged in elegantly designed custom 777ml glass reusable bottles since 2014. Under the terms of the expanded agreement, PBI has been granted distribution rights in the state of Hawaii for the new larger than industry standard 600 ml, 1.2 L, and the very thirst quenching 1.75 L sized packages. InterContinental Beverage Capital, Inc., HVB’s strategic business advisor, assisted in the negotiations and transaction.
Paradise Beverages, Inc. based in Waipahu, HI, is the largest beverage distributor in Hawaii and has 5 warehouses on the major islands, which includes the Big Island (2), Maui, Kauai, and Oahu.
Jason Donovan, HVB’s Founder, said “Paradise Beverages has been a strong partner for HVB the past two years with successful sales and distribution of our ultra-premium water packaged in 777 ml re-usable crystal glass bottles and I am pleased to build upon that partnership by launching our new RPET packages with them in our home state. I’m very confident in the Paradise Beverages team of seasoned industry professionals and I’m excited about the many opportunities we have together to accelerate the growth of Hawaii Volcanic water with these new RPET SKU’s. This is only the beginning of our aggressive growth and expansion plans throughout Hawaii and soon into North America, Australia, and Asia”.
“Jason Donovan and his team are dedicated to giving back to Hawaii and to being PONO which in the Hawaiian language means doing what is right,” says Paul Ah Cook, President of Paradise Beverages, Inc. “Hawaii Volcanic is a tremendous mission based premium brand with an incredible selling proposition. We’re thrilled to have Hawaii Volcanic as part of the Paradise family and see the brand as a crucial part of our overall premium bottled water strategy.”
About Hawaii Volcanic Beverages
HVB is a privately owned company that was founded in Hawaii in 2014 by a small group of family and friends who are dedicated to making major positive differences in Hawaii and in the World.

Hawaii Volcanic is a conscious brand that promotes “Living Aloha” by being positive, healthy, active, and kind to others and to the Earth. We are an ultra-premium natural beverage and lifestyle company that proudly manufacturers delicious health and wellness beverages in Hawaii for health and Earth conscious consumers locally and Globally. All of our beverages are sustainably sourced from our privately owned protected and abundant naturally alkaline artesian mineral water source. This pristine source is located at our modern bottling plant facility on the wet and beautiful rainforest side of Hawaii Island in between the two largest volcanoes on Earth, Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea.

After many years of building relationships of trust and respect with indigenous Hawaiian Kapuna (elders) and Konohiki (stewards of the resources) we are very humbled, gracious, and proud to have received their blessings to proceed with this important project. Through our ever increasing PONO programs every Hawaii Volcanic beverage sold benefits Hawaii, the people of Hawaii, and the Earth.

Consumers feel great knowing that every drink they take of a healthy and delicious Hawaii Volcanic beverage contributes to helping others and to helping the planet which is a big part of what Living Aloha is all about. We have made a commitment to do our part to get everyone in the World access to clean drinking water by supporting the efforts of www.onedrop.org and www.wavesforwater.org. We also work with many NGO organizations in Hawaii to protect and preserve the precious islands and culture of Hawaii for future generations to experience as we do today.

For more information about Hawaii Volcanic Beverages visit us @ www.hawaiivolcanic.com like us on facebook: www.facebook.com/hawaiivolcanic or email us: info@hawaiivolcanic.com - ALOHA!

About Paradise Beverages, Inc.

Paradise Beverages, Inc. is the largest wholesale beverage distributor in Hawaii, based in Waipahu, Hawaii and has proudly been doing business in Hawaii with Aloha since 1948.

Throughout the years, Paradise Beverages has maintained its commitment to the community, its associates, and its customers by providing Hawaii with the highest-quality beverages, sales and service.

Paradise Beverages has a large fleet of tractors, trucks, and other delivery vehicles and equipment disbursed among the four major islands and has established a network of large warehouses on each of the major neighbor islands with two on Hawaii Island, one in Kona and one in Hilo. www.paradisebeverages.com

About InterContinental Beverage Capital, Inc. – (IBC)
IBC is a New York-based advisory merchant bank focused on the beverage and consumer packaged goods industries.
IBC has a worldwide network of strategic industry contacts, lending institutions, consultants, recruiters, and management teams. These sources provide expertise, industry capabilities, access to new customers, and valuable investment and commercial banking capabilities to partnership companies. IBC partners with, and actively participates to facilitate growth with companies which have unique products, social missions, and dedicated management teams that exhibit the ability to develop into category leaders. www.inbevcapital.com
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