DriveABLE launches ExceleRATE and announces partnership with Advantage Fleet Services Inc.

DriveABLE Assessment Centres Inc. (“DriveABLE”) is pleased to announce the official launch of ExceleRATE a commercial driver risk-management program.

Online PR News – 22-October-2016 – Edmonton, Canada – Edmonton, Canada - DriveABLE Assessment Centres Inc. (“DriveABLE”) is pleased to announce the official launch of ExceleRATE, an all-in-one commercial driver risk-management program that features a comprehensive assessment looking at the various skills critical for safe driving.

Designed specifically for the needs of commercial fleets, ExceleRATE allows you to proactively evaluate the cognitive fitness of drivers and is comprised of an in-office and on-road test to look at the mental processes necessary for safe driving. The program provides the tools to make quick and informed decisions about safety and is one of the only assessment systems that is predictive of actual on-road driving. The key areas where ExceleRATE will add value are:
• Identifying the best drivers to recruit – this goes beyond the normal driver abstract but looks at a driver’s actual cognitive ability
• Regular monitoring of drivers as part of a proactive wellness program
• Return-to-work to establish if a driver is fit to resume driving
• Post-incident to identify potential contributing factors

Taking Advantage
(“AFSI”) to provide insight in navigating the complex commercial fleet market, as well as the added value of their geographical presence.

AFSI is a market leader in fleet risk management and loss prevention who has provided services to Canada and parts of the United States since 2001.Their team of Associates has a combined 350 years of experience in related fields, including comprehensive fleet risk assessments, driver evaluations, driver training, compliance reviews, and commercial vehicle incident investigation and collision reconstruction.

DriveABLE’s president and CEO, P-J Barclay, believes that ExceleRATE and the partnership with AFSI will meet a critical need within commercial fleets. “Fleets are experiencing a significant challenge with an ageing driver population, as well as a general driver shortage. We believe that ExceleRATE will assist all fleets in hiring and retaining the best talent. Our partnership with AFSI will give us invaluable access to a wealth of relevant experience and provide us with a significant market presence across North America.”

About DriveABLE

At DriveABLE, we combine cutting-edge technology with proven research to deliver driver assessment tools for commercial fleets, governments, insurers, and the medical community. Our solutions help identify if medications or medical conditions have affected a person’s ability to drive.

DriveABLE has been providing driver risk assessments for over 15 years and our products are licensed and distributed across North America, New Zealand and South Korea. It is our goal to protect competent drivers, accurately identify cognitively unsafe drivers, and to help improve safety on our roads

Driving Solutions

AFSI, specializing in providing fleet safety and risk management solutions to fleets and associated stakeholders, is excited to partner with DriveABLE in the launch, delivery and marketing of their ExceleRATE risk management program. The strategic partnership will combine DriveABLE’s innovative and proven driver assessment technologies with AFSI’s expertise in fleet risk management and extensive knowledge of the market. The relationship enhances the natural synergies between the two companies, whose shared goals and values will guide customer engagement. ExceleRATE is a pivotal addition to AFSI’s suite of programs and services, seen as a cutting-edge enhancement to fleet human resource and driver safety management systems.

Grant Aune, President & CEO at AFSI, notes that ExceleRATE and the partnership with DriveABLE is a natural fit. “The key is to be proactive. That’s our focus and why we do what we do at AFSI. ExceleRATE provides the ultimate opportunity for fleets to assess the risk associated with their drivers or equipment operators up front, rather than waiting until an incident occurs. We believe that ExceleRATE heightens a fleet’s standard of care, can establish a competitive advantage, and helps them get in front of ever-increasing liability and due diligence issues.”

About AFSI

At AFSI, we focus on increasing the profitability of our clients through the development and implementation of fleet risk management programs. Utilizing our network of Associates and Subject Matter Experts, we deliver a wide range of services to clients across Canada and the US who operate fleets and equipment – from truck and bus firms, to municipalities or organizations that rely on transportation. Our expertise includes fleet risk assessments, compliance reviews, behaviour-based driver training, equipment operator training, incident management and safety program development. It Saves to be Safe!

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