RC Model Shop Direct Offers A Wide Range Of RC Cars, Equipment And Accessories At Economical Price

RC Model Shop Direct offers RC car enthusiasts a venue to buy a wide variety of RC model cars of different types at reasonable prices.

Online PR News – 23-October-2016 – Normanton – RC Model Shop Direct is the brain child of Lee, who have been passionate and RC car enthusiast for over 20 years and Gary Marsden, who is known as a legend in the world of RC cars. The company was formed to provide a perfect platform for the RC car enthusiasts to fulfil their passion and enthusiasm for RC cars at one place, where not only can they find an exhaustive range of RC cars, equipment, accessories and other products at one place, but where they can come to race, drift and do RC Rock crawling.

There are regular race meetings held by the company, where the RC car enthusiasts can come together and interact with other RC car enthusiasts. The venue for racing offered by the company is one of its kinds in the UK having all the customized tracks that are conducive for RC car racing. All the support and lap timing recording is done by the company’s staff, so that the car owners can simply enjoy the racing time it is meant to.

Few of the RC products one can buy from RC Model Shop Direct are RC cars, RC buggy, RC truggies. RC trucks, RC rock crawlers, radio gears, drones, quadcopters, helicopters, planes, tanks, boats, and much more.

The company prides itself in being the biggest venue for RC drift and rock crawling venue in the UK, and the best part is that the prices for the products, services as well as venue participation is kept reasonable and affordable, so that the RC car enthusiasts do not have to pay a fortune to enjoy their passion. Moreover, the RC car experts at the company are more than willing to answer any and all queries by the customers.

RC Model Shop Direct is an online ecommerce site where RC car enthusiasts can find a wide range of RC model cars to fuel their passion and hobby for RC cars. This hobby itself is an exciting and complex one, and the experts at RC Model Shop Direct has experience of over 50 years to answer just about any queries related to the RC world to the RC car hobbyists.
Contact the company by calling at 01924890099 or visit http://www.rcmodelshopdirect.com/ for more details.