Marcus D. Hiles Donating Land for Public and Private Parks and Wildlife Preserves

Western Rim Property Services CEO Marcus D. Hiles is donating land for public and private parks and wildlife preserves in Texas.

Online PR News – 21-October-2016 – Grand Prairie,TX,USA – Marcus D. Hiles is the CEO and Chairman of Western Rim Property Services and has been donating land for use in private and public parks and wildlife preserves for years. Hiles has worked hard his entire career to make sure that all of his properties, mostly luxury residences and community buildings throughout the Grand Prairie area, meet certain standards for life and happiness for his residents. Hiles, after working to serve his clients and residents in Grand Prairie throughout his long career, decided to give back to the community by donating land for public and private parks and wildlife preserves in the Grand Prairie area and beyond.

Marcus D. Hiles and his company, Western Rim Property Services, has donated over fifty-nine acres of parkland with hundreds of 100-to-150-year-old oak trees on this land, along with artesian feed streams, parkland, and lakes. He has given forty-four acres of land to a north Texas city, six acres to another unnamed north Texas city (the donations were anonymous) and nine acres to a third north Texas city. He also donated forty-two acres of permanent improved open space to a north Houston suburb. In all, the donations are $3 million worth of land and another $2 million worth of improvements.

Marcus D. Hiles is proud to give back to the community that has fostered his business growth over the years and helped him bring his luxury properties to more residents. Hiles believes that his involvement in the community is crucial for the benefit of everyone who lives there. As a philanthropist, Hiles has helped many charitable causes in his career and continues to help find land to set aside for natural areas that more people can enjoy.

Marcus D. Hiles is a veteran business man and real estate developer who has worked with many different partners and businesses over his career. He loves to bring in community organizations to work with to improve the lives of everyone around him. Hiles has the talent to lead a successful business. He also uses that talent to help the community. Hiles has long been committed to finding solutions for the community and natural areas.

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