Chicago Appliance Repair Center Leaves Behind a Trail of Beautiful Maytag Stainless Steel Appliances

AAA Appliance Service Center technicians now add a bonus to their appliance repair assignments for customers who have stainless steel appliances.

Online PR News – 05-November-2010 – – Chicago, IL – Chicago Maytag appliance repair specialists leave their customers literally glowing with their tips on polishing all stainless steel appliances.

As an appliance authority in Chicagoland since 1958, AAA Appliance Service Center certainly wants their customers to be satisfied with every appliance repair job in Chicago.

Owner and General Manager, James Dolbeare cheers his customers’ satisfaction and is forever looking for additional steps to leave more than a technical trail of “happy campers.” “Our technicians must always avoid leaving their ‘foot print’ in a customer’s home,” stressed Dolbeare. “We take that concern one step further by demonstrating how easy it is to polish your stainless steel appliances.”

Beyond the Call of Duty

AAA Appliance Service Center, like most successful businesses, does not rest on its lengthy list of satisfied customers. Technicians have always left information with customers on how maintain their appliances. But, as an added value to using AAA Appliance Service Center, information is now left behind on how to properly take care of the appearance of their appliances.

Before technicians wrap up their tool kits, they present the customer with a link to the AAA Appliance Service Center website: a special web page for the proper care of all appliances.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances normally will not rust. Harsh cleaning solutions will remove the appliances protective oxide layer allowing oxygen, moisture or other corrosives to begin the deterioration process of rusting. Only cleaners recommended for stainless steel should be used for cleaning appliances and these should be thoroughly rinsed off the unit.
A mild dishwashing soap and warm water may be used. After washing, rinse with warm water and DRY thoroughly with a soft towel.

Damage such as scratches or dents that cut below the surface of an appliance may rust if left exposed.

Other metal products (pots, pans, eating utensils, etc) that come in contact with stainless steel, may mar the surface enough to allow spots of rust to develop. Stainless steel may become rust-stained if allowed to come in contact with items that already have rust.

NOT RECOMMENDED: chemical cleaners containing ammonia, bleach, disinfectants.

NOT RECOMMENDED: a harsh, stiff brush or steel wool.

Do NOT use MURIATIC ACID on brickwork or floors when appliances are stainless. Fumes (possibly even from as far away as the garage) may rust all the stainless appliances in a house .

AAA Appliance Service Center is also the exclusive home to Chicago’s appliance guru, "Mr. Fix It"®!

Contact Information:

James Dolbeare
AAA Appliance Service Center
Phone: 888-966-1950
Fax: 847-966-9115
416 Higgins Road
Park Ridge, IL 60068

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