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Life coaching conforms to you and your vision for the business you want to build. We live in an exciting time for life coaching.

Online PR News – 21-October-2016 – North Conway, NH – North Conway – New Hampshire – USA – 21.10.2016 – Over the years the demand for certified life coaches has been growing consistently. The demand is more in case of kids who are at the beginning of their life span. However the demand is not for any type of life coach. Instead, people look for certified life coaches for helping the improvement of self esteem of the kids. That means the need is a qualitative life coach certification program and provider of life coaching for kids certification. The certificate needs to be recognized as well as accredited. In addition; it should make the trainee conversant with the two major aspects of life coach training such as developing communication skills and self esteem in the kids.

These certification programs are available in physical brick and concrete academies as well as online. However in the changed environment today with most certifications requiring global recognition the life coach certification online is taking the driver’s seat in the industry. One of the reasons is that unless the institute or academy is of international class and accredited internationally, their certifications would have only limited recognition and acceptance.

On the other hand high quality reputable and reliable academies offering online training and certification usually overlap the geographical barriers and get global recognition. These are the days of distant education and many people prefer it as joining such programs won’t interfere with their regular life style and livelihood earning as they can pursue the courses at their convenience selecting the time and method of learning. It is also highly convenient because entire process of the life coach certification online can be completed from the cool comforts of their own homes. The process includes everything from registration through studying and appearing the examination and ultimately getting certified.

Life coach certification program can open up the vistas for starting a highly rewarding career. But to ensure this the program has to be qualitative and bang on the target. Understanding the necessity Dr Joe Rubino, an eminent life coaching expert and kid self esteem improvement specialist has come up with highly useful and effective training packages for the aspirant candidates.

“Become certified life optimization coach and at the same time learn about the life impacting exercises as well as the principles so that you derive the desired expertise to champion the people’s lives, especially earning the competence in helping the growth of self esteem in kids. In addition; the certification program offered by us is your door to a lucrative career”, says Dr Joe Rubino, proponent of the Life Optimization Coaching Program.

“Our life coach certification online program is unique because it is not publicity oriented but result oriented. Certification awarded by us will open up the door to successful career and life for you”, he concluded.

About Life Optimization Coaching Program

Life Optimization Coaching Program is created by a master in the trade of life coaching and self esteem development in children Dr. Joe Rubino. The maestro has used the exercises and methodologies for over two decades now and offers life coach certification online. More information and details of the coaching programs are available at


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