WeSeeDo launches WordPress plugin for real-time video communication

WeSeeDo is the first WordPress plugin to make simple, face-to-face communication possible via a website.

Online PR News – 21-October-2016 – Groningen – Today, Dutch WeSeeDo has launched a plugin that makes real-time video communication possible on WordPress websites. With 20 million global websites, WordPress is the world's most popular content management system. Companies, organisations and authorities that use WordPress can enable real-time video on their websites within seconds. WeSeeDo is the first WordPress plugin to make simple, face-to-face communication possible via a website. Through live communication with your target group, you can quickly convert website visits into actual contact or sales enquiries. WeSeeDo is based on revolutionary WebRTC technology, with all communication taking place across a web browser. It is fully secure and users do not have to download any software. Activate WeSeeDo on a WordPress website is easy with no additional PHP programming. WeSeeDo already runs on numerous websites. Groningen Municipality has recently added WeSeeDo to its online communication mix.

Crystal-clear video quality for WordPress websites

"Real-time web video communication is really taking off", says Iebele Otten, founder of WeSeeDo. "People expect ever-faster and more personal service when they visit websites and webshops. But in addition to speed and the personal aspect, quality and user-friendliness are also important. People want crystal-clear video quality without the need to download and upgrade applications. WeSeeDo meets all these criteria. A prospect or customer can start a video conversation with a single click. You as a trader can offer your customer face-to-face, live buying assistance. And likewise, work done by consultants, webcare teams and authorities becomes much more efficient with WeSeeDo. The launch of the WeSeeDo plugin means that WordPress websites can now also take advantage of – and benefit from – the move towards real-time video communication."

The plugin is available here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/weseedo/.