Scrabble Hasbro Celebrates Quarter Century Owning Iconic Word Game Rights

Scrabble Hasbro will be celebrating 25 years ownership to the Scrabble brand board game. Next year marks the 25th anniversary of Hasbro ownership of the rights to Scrabble brand word games.

Online PR News – 05-November-2010 – – Ann Arbor, MI – Starting with a slow beginning in 1948, Scrabble Hasbro has had steady sales and just reached 100 million sets sold worldwide. Annual sales are between one and two million sets a year in North America alone. is your one stop shop for all your Scrabble board game needs.

The history of Scrabble is really a tale of numbers. Invented by Alfred Mosher Butts, an out of work architect from Poughkeepsie, New York in 1948 - the board game was initially rejected by every manufacturer Butts took the idea to. Finally Butts met James Brunot, a game loving entrepreneur who loved the idea and offered to put up the start up money. The two rented an abandoned school house in Connecticut and with the help of some friends started turning out 12 games a day, stamping the wood tiles by hand one at a time.

In 1952 the pair licensed Selchow & Righter, a Long Island based game producer, in order to bring production up to meet demand. In 1986 Selchow & Righter was sold to COLECO, most famous for their Cabbage Patch Dolls. A mere 3 years later COLECO went out of business and the rights passed into the capable hands of Hasbro, parent company of America's leading board game manufacturer Milton Bradley, giving us Scrabble Hasbro.

Today Hasbro is ready to celebrate its 25th year of production for the iconic Scrabble Hasbro. There are dozens of versions available including a junior edition, electronic editions, travel boards, and a deluxe version with a rotating board. One in three American households currently has at least one Scrabble board game in their closet. is a great online source for whichever version you want to add to your collection.