Roofing Contractors Website Helps Homeowners Prepare for a Wet Winter
11/05/2010 provides national roofing coverage to homeowners seeking a consultation from local roofing contractors prior to the upcoming winter months.

Online PR News – 05-November-2010 – – Much of the country experienced a 2009 winter unlike most others. So far, the signs for the 2010 winter are showing potential for less cold but still strong precipitation. In weather like last year’s and what is expected to come about this year, homeowners should be mindful of the state of their home’s roof. The consistent freezing and thawing that comes in winter causes massive amounts of damage to a roof that often goes undetected to the eye. The freezing and thawing means that your roof is expanding and shrinking on a daily basis. This winter may be warmer than last years and so anything that was loosened in last winter’s daily freeze and thaw, will be re-aggravated by the temperatures that may fluctuate more this winter.

It is essential to seek the help of professional roofing contractors if you have noticed anything that may not be normal to the function of your roof. Now, its easier than ever to find a roofing contractor who will come to you home for a free roof evaluation. The national roofing website,, now has coverage of roofing contractors all throughout the country. will place up to three local and licensed roofers in touch with the homeowner for completely free estimates or even free evals / inspections. In many cases, the homeowner may not be aware if there is anything wrong with their roof, but with the weather from last winter and this winter, the smart thing to do is to prepare ahead of time. Homeowners can be too late if the winter freeze comes because many conditions in the middle of winter make it entirely impossible for a roofing contractors to do a repair or replacement. owner Tony Scuderi says; “After last winter, its imperative to have your roof looked at by a professional, even if you don’t expect them to find anything wrong. Daily freezing and thawing conditions can cause slow and widespread damage to your roof. What could be treated as a minor repair can turn into a full replacement because of the hesitation. Now with our website, homeowners anywhere in the country can connect with roofers in their area quickly and easily.”

Some roofing materials are made to withstand these types of winter conditions a little better than others, so homeowners with rubber roofing or tile roofs have less to worry about than the average shingle roof. So before the winter really hits your part of the country, be sure to use a site like to connect with a licensed roofing contractor in your area. This pre-winter preparation could save you thousands of dollars and years of longevity to your current roof.

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