Manhattan Pediatric Dentist Discusses Braces: When is the Right Time?

Leading pediatric dentistry expert, Dr. Barry L. Jacobson, says kids are starting to wear braces earlier than ever.

Online PR News – 20-October-2016 – September 19, 2016 - New York, NY – “One of the most frequently asked questions in my office is, ‘when should kids get braces,’” explains Dr. Barry L. Jacobson, DMD, FAAPD, a pediatric dentist in NYC and a nationally renowned pediatric dental specialist ( “Over the past few years, the topic has become an important one, as kids are starting to wear braces earlier and earlier.”

Dr. Jacobson says that there are different philosophies among practitioners as to when to begin orthodontic treatment, which leaves parents with questions and concerns over when their child should begin wearing braces.

“The best option for your child will depend on the severity of your child’s dental needs,” says Dr. Jacobson. “For the vast majority of children, the most appropriate time is between the ages of ten and twelve, or when almost all the baby teeth have fallen out.”

This approach, according to Dr. Jacobson, allows treatment to be completed within a reasonable two or three year timeframe, while keeping costs in line. Additionally, children around this age will more easily cooperate with orthodontic treatment, as they are typically more mature.

“The reason you sometimes see kids as young as six years old wearing braces is because some children require more extensive dental work and early treatment is beneficial for patients with severe malocclusions, or misaligned teeth, where cross bites are present or teeth are protruding outside of the mouth,” he explains. “Initiating limited care early at these ages should be considered only where it significantly reduces the extensiveness and cost of later or second phases of care.”

However, Dr. Jacobson says that early treatment is not right for every child and it is only beneficial for limited types of malocclusions, in a very small percentage of children.

“Some children that start early treatment may end up with a prolonged course of treatment and still have to endure a second lengthy phase of braces, which creates a burden on the child and an additional cost to parents,” he says. “Pediatric dental experts have the patient’s best interest in mind, it is the parents that must make the final decision on which course of action to take.”

What needs to be addressed when determining the appropriateness of early treatment, he explains, is whether or not it will benefit the child, or unnecessarily prolong treatment.

“Regardless of which approach is taken, I encourage parents to ask questions and be fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each option in order to make an informed decision based on what is best for their child’s needs,” Dr. Jacobson says. “Seeking second opinions can often help.”

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