Analyst Briefing Presentation on the Global Probiotic Market to be held on 6th Oct 2009

Analyst Briefing Presentation on the Global Probiotic market by MarketsandMarkets.

Online PR News – 30-September-2009 – – Wilmington, Del.- The food and beverage practice at MarketsandMarkets is pleased to announce its Analyst Briefing Presentation on the Global Probiotic market to be held on 6th Oct 2009.

Probiotics market has been one of the prime beneficiaries of the recent fad over functional foods. Rising levels of health consciousness and ageing baby boomer population are a few of the drivers helping in the growth of the market. The other major market factor driving the overall probiotics market in the present and expected to continue to do so in the future is the influence exerted by the women buyer segment. It is generally observed through out the globe that traditionally women are responsible for the buying decisions in the foods and beverages (F&B) category in families. Since they tend to be more aware about the new products and their health benefits, they try and incorporate more beneficial foods in the families’ diet. Hence it is no surprise that women have more knowledge about probiotic F&B and consequently not only drive their consumption but also act as the opinion makers. This gathers more importance considering the fact that probiotic F&B segment is expected to command over 75% of the overall probiotics market in 2009. The global probiotics market is expected to be worth US$ 32.6 billion by 2014, growing at a CAGR of 12.6% from 2009 to 2014. Europe and Asia are expected to account for nearly 42% and 30% of the total revenues respectively in 2014. Probiotic dairy products are expected to command the highest market share among all the probiotic foodstuffs accounting for almost 70% in the year 2009 and reach a market size of almost $24 billion by the end of 2014. The biggest markets for these products are again Europe and Asia; the U.S. market has slowly but surely opened up to these products in the recent past and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17% from 2009 to 2014, the biggest contributor being probiotic cultured drinks followed by probiotic yogurts. Though the market base of probiotic products is comparatively lesser in the U.S., the market is expected to grow at an astounding rate of almost 14% in the same period driven by the large scale acceptance of - the probiotic yogurts in spoonable single serve packs, probiotic cultured drinks in single shot packaging form and probiotic dietary supplements.

The briefing on the Global Probiotics Market (2009-2014) will benefit Probiotics suppliers, Probiotics product manufacturers, Commercial research laboratories, Dairy product manufacturers, Confectionary product manufacturers, Health supplement manufacturers, Animal/poultry feed producers and Biotechnology companies.

“The early movers in the industry will benefit in terms of market share but it is important that they focus on innovating probiotic strains that are more efficient in terms of survivability in harsh conditions and stability and are supported by competitively-priced production technologies. Extensive research is required to develop cost-efficient manufacturing processes for probiotics, the companies aiming to make a major impact in this market therefore needs to make extensive R&D investments” notes MarketsandMarkets. “In addition, garnering faith of the consumers by making substantiated and legitimate assertions in terms of health benefits will profit the market in future.”

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