Digital and Amateur Photographers can now learn Photoshop online at
09/30/2009 is one of the best resources for learning Photoshop. The online video tutorials offer a comprehensive Photoshop course specially designed for digital photographers.

Online PR News – 30-September-2009 – – Valencia, CA - Pay Per Tutorial has launched a new online Photoshop CS3 Tutorial to help people learn Photoshop and learn digital photography. This is an easy to follow online video course and in fact first of its kind with some of its unique features. features over 80 HD videos with totally 5 hours of instructions. This is a 15-weeks course. This online digital photography course and Photoshop course comes with other interesting free downloads and bonus tutorials.

There are hundreds of Photoshop video tutorials and what makes this Photoshop tutorial at Pay Per Tutorial unique is the first one of its kind. This online video tutorial is a comprehensive Photoshop course and it does not cover just bits and pieces of Photoshop software or it does not stop with just some Photoshop tips and tricks. It covers everything a digital photographer would need to know about Photoshop. The best part of this video course is the live calls with highly experienced digital photographer who has 10 years of experience in digital photography. Students can take part in these live interviews with photographers from different parts of the world; ask questions and have their doubts clarified. No other online video tutorial has this unique feature.

From this online video tutorial one can learn Photoshop and work with this software like a pro, yet pay as little as $4.99. This is just a one time fee to try 14 days of video tutorials. This course is mainly designed to help digital photographers learn Photoshop, an indispensable tool to survive in the digital photography industry. Going to a regular school for learning photo shop will cost photographers hundreds of dollars, besides that they will have to drive to college everyday spending their precious time during which they can actually be earning more money. Learning photo shop through these online tutorials is the cheapest option. Both experienced photographers and amateur photographers can benefit from these online tutorials.

Though there are free Photoshop tutorials online, one has to endure poor quality videos, make hundreds of searches online to know everything that they need to know. This will consume a lot of time and this does not guarantee a complete Photoshop course. Moreover, no other online video learning site offers support to students. For just $4.99, it is like having one’s own personal instructor. offers the best quality videos with a full walk through of Photoshop and step-by-step instructions. After the first 14 days trial with as little as $4.99, photographers can continue with their weekly Photoshop lessons with as little as $29.99 per month. As of now, there is no other comprehensive Photoshop course that is specially developed for digital photographers. For enrolling for this course and for further information visit