HP Group PPC Managers Give Their Opinion on Adwords Call Metrics

Essex Based HP Group SEO specialists give their opinion on Google’s introduction of Adwords Call Metrics and the impact this could potentially have on paid advertising within the search engine optimisation industry.

Online PR News – 04-November-2010 – – HP Group SEO agency have been providing integrated internet marketing services to clients with the aim of improving rankings in the most popular search engines. One of the fundamental components for an integrated campaign is paid search, or PPC as it is more commonly known. The introduction of Adwords Call Metrics by Google is a clear indication that the search engine wants to illustrate the benefits that paid search can have offline as well as online. PPC account managers have always been aware that as well as direct online sales or enquiries, a well structured PPC campaign can have a significant impact offline as well; phone enquiries being one of these areas.
There is speculation in the industry that this move could be paving the way for a PC-based Pay Per Call option. Currently the Click to Call option only exists on mobile devices, but with the ability to track these actions and Google’s attempts to align its PC and mobile offerings it’s highly likely that Pay Per Call for PCs is on the horizon.

“The ability to measure ROI has always been one of Paid Search’s most attractive features,” explains Michael Scanlon, PPC Account Manager at HP Group. “However there has always been a black hole of information regarding the impact PPC can have offline. Google have clearly recognised this and are addressing the situation.”
So what does all this mean? Well short term it’s another feature that businesses can take advantage of in order to generate qualified leads. Long term it could mean that PPC campaigns become an even more important element in any integrated internet marketing campaign.

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