kwikchex - a new online reputation checking service to launch

A new web based resource intended to help cut scams and online fraud and increase customer service by verifying and monitoring the reputation of businesses and websites. Reputable companies will benefit by increasing their reputation and by providing evidence of good business practices and ethics.

Online PR News – 30-September-2009 – – A new website is being launched which will enable the public to quickly and easily check the reputation of businesses and websites across the globe. intends to be 'The Definitive Reputation Resource'

In addition to providing a very useful and important free service to the public, KwikChex aims to assist reputable businesses to validate and enhance their reputation via accreditation and feedback services.

KwikChex has initially started to make contact with specific business types in the UK where they are based, including online retailers, property developers, estate agencies (real estate), financial services providers, car dealers, ticket agencies and travel companies - all of which have suffered from adverse publicity regarding fraud and poor service.

KwikChex say that consumers and website users need to be able to confirm the reputation of businesses they are considering dealing with, including their security and privacy practices, their ethics and their levels of service - and reputable businesses, whatever their size, need to be able to benefit from their good business practices and to rise above the criticisms and concerns that are created by rogues, criminals and those that just don't care enough.

The KwikChex membership programme and web resource intends to achieve both aims.

In another development, KwikChex have also started contacting public servants (publicly elected officials) to begin consultations that will lead to a reputation checker service for politicians and other public representatives.

KwikChex are now inviting contact from businesses and website owners across the world that are committed to good business ethics and practices that wish to become 'reputation leaders' and reap the benefits that such recognition will bring.