Rogue Hunter - Sci-Fi film set in New Detroit of 2064 launches Kickstarter

Rogue Hunter is a live action Science Fiction short film much in the vein of Ghost in the Shell and Deus Ex.

Online PR News – 19-October-2016 – Los Angeles, California – We are on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution: The Age of Automation. But are we prepared for the change? Experts predict a massive job loss on an unprecedented scale through automation and artificial intelligence.

And what happens with a massive population that is not needed anymore? Rogue Hunter shows what will happen if we don't prepare!

Set in New Detroit of 2064. The Luddites, a fringe terrorist group, have staged arson attacks on several robotic facilities. The Luddites comprise of mostly former blue collar workers and are set to destroy all machinery. Caught in this mess is Alex Phoenix, a detective of the Rogue Hunter Division in the NDPD. Alex is a highly augmented Ex-marine whose job consist of tracking and hunting down rogue androids and automated systems.

Alex investigates a Cyber Junkie hideout in the slums of New Detroit in order to apprehend an android. Cyber Junkies are addicted to the Virtual Reality and spend most of their lives on the Brain-net. When Alex finally catches the android none of the kill switch orders work. Instead the android introduces himself as Isaac and claims to be a human. Things are further complicated when the hideout is ambushed by Luddites.

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