Nerviano Medical Sciences presents data regarding a potent new cytotoxic molecule for ADC generation

NMS-P945 is a potent, innovative and proprietary cytotoxic molecule in the nms pipeline, highly suited to conjugation with targeted antibodies

Online PR News – 19-October-2016 – Italy – At the 7th World Summit focused on ADCs (San Diego, CA), Nerviano Medical Sciences presented new data regarding the immunoconjugate drugs field, an area of intense interest in the Oncology R&D sector.
During the event NMS researchers described the targeted anticancer effects obtained in preclinical models with an ADC obtained by combining the thienoindole NMS-P945 with trastuzumab, an antibody already used for the treatment of HER2+ breast cancer. NMS-P945, which acts by binding to DNA, is characterized by its highly potent tumoricidal activity and high amenability to antitbody conjugation.

Using antibodies which selectively recognize cancer cells conjugated with appropriate cytotoxic drugs, ADCs (antibody-drug conjugates) allow highly cytotoxic molecules to be specifically released at the desired site of action, i.e. within tumor tissue. This leads to selective killing of tumors cells, limiting side effects against normal tissue.

As one of its innovative platforms focused on targeted therapies, Nerviano Medical Sciences’ ADC payload technology has already drawn significant interest from the biotech market, with recent licensing agreements signed this year with Oxford BioTherapeutics Ltd and MediaPharma A.G.

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