OK Biotech Technology intruduces Growth Hormones To Stimulate Growth Cell

As one of the leading manufacture and export company in China, ShenZhen OK Biotech Technology Co., Ltd

Online PR News – 18-October-2016 – Shenzhen, China – As one of the leading manufacture and export company in China, ShenZhen OK Biotech Technology Co., Ltd has come up yet again with another new drug called the GROWTH HORMONE, HUMAN cas:12629-01-5. Growth hormone is a small protein that is produced by the pituitary gland. This protein is secreted into the bloodstream. The pituitary gland pushes out the growth hormones in small lots and the levels rise following exercise, trauma and sleep under normal conditions. Generally the amount of growth hormones produced in the night is more than the amount of hormones produced during the day. As per the scientists from all over the world, it has been observed that the growth hormone production rises during the childhood and peaks during puberty.

Once the person reaches middle age, the production starts declining. The growth hormones act on many tissues that are present in the body. It stimulates the growth of bone and cartilage in children and adolescents. The protein production is given a boost with the help of the growth hormones and also promotes fat utilization. It raises the blood sugar by interfering with the action of insulin. Intake of growth hormones directly may not be safe. But if it is accompanied with proper exercise and diet, it can work wonders for a person and make him or her look young forever.

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ShenZhen OK Biotech Technology Co., Ltd has been established as an integration of industry and trade pioneer corporation located in ShenZhen, Guangdong Province, PRC China. The company has been devoted to the innovation, production and export of steroid hormone products.

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