Broken Vinyl Studio’s Opens Arms To New Artists

A brand new record label with a brand new attitude!

Online PR News – 18-October-2016 – Norristown, Pennsylvania – Norristown, Pennsylvania, 10/12/16 - With news of going public being announced only this past June, Broken Vinyl Studios has already begun leaving it’s mark on the music scene in the Philadelphia area and surrounding regions. Seemingly arising out of no where, this company has gone from working for only a singular band, to taking on over 30 bands and artists, representing the best collective of talent the area has scene in years.

Broken Vinyl Studios started as a project to release a singular band’s album (Something Like Sound’s 2016 release “Mortalis”) and ever since has grown into a full scale Record Label with so many projects underway that it would be hard for a singular person to keep track of it all. Oddly enough we discover that one man has been behind it the whole time. “I wanted to create something different” says Company President and Owner Ryan Martin. “All I have seen in my years in the industry is unnecessary rivalry and competition. Everyone involved in the various local music scenes wonders why it’s so hard to bring in a solid profit and break away from the monotony and repetition of it all, yet everyone’s view is that you need to destroy any competition in order to make it anywhere in the industry and this is simply not true” he explains as he has quite frequently to fans and clients. We are seeing a company whom appears to take on an entirely new approach to the matter and is getting results much quicker then expected. “The key to it all and principal upon which this company is found is togetherness and the idea that we can create far more change for the better when we all work together then we ever could tearing each other apart.” he exclaims. When asked to best describe how his company functions he simply replies “Like a family, supporting and helping each other so we can all grow together and learn lessons from one another”

Currently with only a few months work under their belt “BVS” (as they like to be shortened) has grown to over 20 employees and offers their clients and those on their label everything from promotion, distribution, marketing, recording, mixing, mastering, distribution and booking to exclusive events and self improvement opportunities, with a good portion of these artists receiving such services completely free of charge or at prices so low it looks too good to be true, however this couldn’t be further from the truth. “A lot of artists give me odd looks when I offer to produce their next album free of charge, give them free promotion for their latest music video or ask for only a couple bucks to mix their entire album. It scares them at first into believing that there is some form of catch or scam and others are just convincing them self that we must do sub-par work. You can imagine their surprise when they come to find that we are beating out what 90 percent of larger companies do for pennies on the dollar” Ryan Martin explains. Being a small company with their president seeing less than 1% of all company profits, BVS is looking to build a trusted reputation. “Many don’t understand that I myself am a musician and I know the struggle all to well. I do what I do for the community and with the realization that if I help the scene as a whole grow then we will all benefit.” is easily enough put for Ryan. Currently BVS is producing and working on the completion of numerous albums from artists of every genre under the rainbow as well as working on some big shows planned for some of the top venues in the tri-state area outside of the general promotion of their clients, which seems to be a list that keeps growing with no signs of stopping.

When asked why other become a part of Broken Vinyl Studios, Ryan replied “Honestly, because we work with some of the best, brightest and newest minds in music. All of us here have music deeply routed in our veins and our arms are open to expanding our musical family” and apparently their artists are seemingly feeling the same vibe. “Music is a chance to communicate and connect, whether it be with each other or a crowd full of music lovers” raves The Great Endangered, a Rock/Jam group from the Philadelphia region. Similarly Taking October, a rock group from the same area speaks out on the subject by saying music is “The only thing in the universe that transcends distance or differences and can bind people on those primal, yet unspoken or hidden parts of the human experience.” and when asked about how this sense of family and working together can help benefit the industry, they explained by saying “We’re not only keeping music fun, alive and real but it’s also pusging music of every genre forward, forcing evolution which ultimately brings out fantastic new pieces and better ways to deliver them to the audience. All groups seem to have an extreme since of family and togetherness as well even with some of their regular routines. “We usually share a meal together at one of our houses after an afternoon of rehearsing” says Acoustic Blender, one of BVS’s more folky groups. The overall feel of most BVS artists seems to real be a tightly wound and supportive atmosphere that seems quite uncommon in the industry today.

With a growing list of artists that show no signs of slowing down, it looks like BVS will be around for a awhile. Will the change the local industry for the better? Only time will tell. BVS is also announcing that they are looking to expand and are taking submissions and new jobs (such as mixing, mastering, promotion, etc.) via email at or by contacting their page via Facebook.
All are encouraged to apply for any reason or for any work needed.