Parry Berkowitz Approves Requirement for Burjo Couriers to Operate Environmentally Friendly Vehicles

A new initiative at Burjo Couriers Requires all Independent Couriers within Burjo's Network to Operate Environmentally Friendly Vehicles. The Requirement was approved by the Company's CEO, Parry Berkowitz.

Online PR News – 04-November-2010 – – Glen Falls, AZ - Parry Berkowitz, the CEO of Arizona Based Burjo Couriers, a full service courier and delivery service, has implemented a new initiative for environmentally friendly practices at Burjo Couriers.

Part of the new initiative is a requirement that all independent contractors and deliver persons employed by Burjo Couriers must operate vehicles that meet specific environmentally friendly guidelines. "With the amount of packages we deliver, and the number of vehicles our company has on the road, we have a great opportunity to substantially lessen our environmental footprint", said Parry Berkowitz with regards the the new initiative.

The initiative will require that any delivery driver contracted by Burjo Couriers will have to operate a vehicle that meets certain mpg criteria. The plan goes into effect immediately for new drivers signing with Burjo, and it allows 3 years for current drivers to either update their vehicle to meet the new guidelines, or seek employment with another courier.

"The requirement needs to be applied across the board, which is why we have given our current drivers a three year grace period to update their delivery vehicles", added Parry Berkowitz. Burjo Couriers will compensate all of its current drivers for certain approved upgrades that will make the vehicles more environmentally friendly.

About Burjo Couriers:

Burjo Couriers is a full service courier and delivery service located in Glen Falls, Arizona. Burjo packages and ships items nationwide and controls one of the most extensive independent courier programs in the industry. The company is headed up by CEO, Parry Berkowitz and was founded in 1998.