Red Beast To Unleash New Album Adolf Christ on 11/11/16

Against all odds Red Beast will be self-releasing the new album Adolf Christ 11/11. Special CD Release show celebration held @BackstageCafe 11/05 Covington, KY!

Online PR News – 15-October-2016 – Cincinnati, OH – Red Beast will finally unleash the new album "Adolf Christ"!

Against all odds Red Beast will be self-releasing the new album Adolf Christ on 11/11. There will be a special CD Release show celebration held @BackstageCafe in Covington, KY on 11/05.

This album has been 3 years in the making as we faced trials and tribulations galore. This gory story all began when our Producer at Waynote Media (subsidiary of Universal Music) got "born again"...again and he decided that Red Beast was against his newfound religious fervor, or shall we say fever? Since then we have been forced to complete the full production of our album independently from the tracking stages to the mixing and mastering stages. Once we completed the final master product, we were then on our way towards a fully self-realized independent album release. However, it took us a while to realize that only real eyes can tell the truth from the lies.

We tried to release digitally through CD Baby who rejected our album artwork citing reasons as being too blasphemous and politically insensitive. They sent our money back and forced us to look into our own methods of distribution. So we figured we could just get the albums pressed locally in Cincinnati, but there was not a single pressing plant that was willing to press the image on our album cover.

Our censorship woes did not stop there. We had also planned for a fully produced music video with 3-D animations to accompany our single for "Obama Bin Laden" (Adolf Christ's arch-enemy!) but once again we were thwarted by the frivolous sensitivities of censorship. Gutterhaus Productions decided that filming the band live performing on top of the cube at Mecca was just too much for their reputation to handle, so they parted ways with the Beast after almost 2 years of production. Once again, the Beast will not be stopped! We will soon be releasing this music video for "Obama Bin Laden" despite having our former guitarist Dramanic kidnapped and beheaded by the unusually up-beat and positive terror organization called NISIS and their dangerously powerful leader Obama Bin Laden.

At this point, we realized the scope of all the free speech barriers that many of our like-minded artists have faced over the years including Slayer, Marilyn Manson, GWAR, Deicide and Cannibal Corpse. This motivated us even more to go DIY in the packaging promotion and ultimate release of our newest album Adolf Christ! Finally, the day is upon us that we can officially unleash this beast of an album for all the crazy Beasties of the Red Metal Army!!!

ALAS! The rebellious spirit of the Beast will prevail. Nothing can stop the Red Metal that flows through our bloody veins or our determination to spread our message to the world. BEWARE!

Adolf Christ

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