Wireless Tank Telemetry Remote Monitoring from Telemetry Partners

As one of the country's few remaining truly independent fuel distributors

Online PR News – 16-October-2016 – Mere, Wiltshire – Fuel Oils Ltd with depots in London and the South East have been supplying their commercial, industrial, marine and domestic customers with high quality fuels for over 50 years

Knowing the amount of fuel oil accurately in each of their tanks is critical to any operation and Fuel Oils Ltd were no different. An ATEX approved Wireless Tank Monitoring system from Telemetry Partners was chosen for its cost-effectiveness and accuracy combined with the ease and speed of installation

The Wireless Tank Monitoring system uses a pressure transducer which is simply lowered into the tank to provide reliable and accurate level measurement of any liquid fuel oil, heating oil or even adblue. It is not affected by false echo, foaming or any internal bracing struts

The system “wakes up” every hour and takes a level measurement and transmits the reading back to the customers secure “Web Portal” to provide current and historical tank level information. As only a tiny amount of power is required the on-board Lithium battery has a lifespan of up to 5years
Where there are multiple tanks on a site, up to 6 tanks can be connected together wirelessly all communicating through a single SIM card to provide the customer with substantial savings on both installation and communication costs