HonestyTag.com Launches New Lost and Found Service

HonestyTag.com celebrates the launch of its revolutionary lost and found service designed to help reunite owners with lost valuables and reward honest finders.

Online PR News – 15-October-2016 – London, UK – HonestyTag.com has is changing the lost and found industry with the launch of its free service. The service allows individuals and businesses to tag and register their valuables and motivates finders to return lost items to their owners by connecting a reward to each item. HonestyTag.com operates internationally, so finders can arrange to return lost items to owners anywhere in the world.

Honesty Tags are available for free online at HonestyTag.com or at any of HonestyTag.com's strategic partners. The tags are available as tamper-proof stickers, luggage tags and keyrings -- all made from quality materials designed to withstand daily wear and tear. Honesty Tags resist smudging, smearing, peeling, ripping, tearing or fading.

Honesty Tags can be attached to a wide range of personal possessions, including high-value items, sentimental items, and devices carrying sensitive or irreplaceable data. Commonly tagged items include passports, smartphones, tablets, cameras, netbooks, laptops, keys, USB drives, clothing, diaries and bags.

After attaching an Honesty Tag to each items, customers register the item and the unique serial number for free online at HonestyTag.com. This increases the chances of their valuables being returned should their valuables become lost and found.
The Honesty Tag encourages finders to visit HonestyTag.com, enter the unique serial number on the tag and claim a reward for their honesty. Owners can decide on the value and type of reward for each of their registered items. Available rewards include cash rewards and vouchers from stores such as Amazon and Marks and Spencer.

Once an item has been found, HonestyTag.com arranges collection from the finder and pays the reward after validating the item. Owners should receive their lost items within five to seven working days.

HonestyTag.com, a new lost and found service launched in the U.K., rewards honest people by offering cash rewards and vouchers to return lost items such as smartphones, wallets and laptops.