Zea Relief Announces Australia’s Best-Kept Secret for Natural Pain Relief

Zea Relief makes their line of Australian Kunzea Oil products available—a world first in commercialising of the pain-relieving, therapeutic natural product.

Online PR News – 14-October-2016 – Tasmania, Australia – Wild harvesting a little-known native Australian plant from pristine northeast Tasmania and bottling its essential oils, has created a viable business for a Tasmanian family.

For the past four years, the Brass family has been selling their Zea Relief products using Australian Kunzea Essential Oil as their active ingredient – a world first in commercialising the oil for its pain-relieving and therapeutic benefits. A variety of the oil has been listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration [TGA].

Entrepreneur Hayden Brass, along with his parents, Michelle (a naturopath) and Simon (a horticulturalist), have developed a product range, Zea Relief, for fast-acting and long-lasting natural relief to those who need it.

Michelle says; “Having worked with essential oils for 20 years, I have never come across an oil quite like Australian Kunzea.”

The products use oil extracted from the terminal – or outer - branches of the Kunzea Ambigua shrub. Also known as ‘White Cloud’ or ‘Tick Bush’, it’s a shrub that grows up to three metres high with abundant white or pink flowers and is found in the cool coastal areas of southern NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. Kunzea belongs to the Myrtaceae family, the same botanical family as gum trees, paperbarks and bottlebrushes.

Kunzea usage goes thousands of years back to native Aborigines who continue to use it to relieve red, dry and irritated skin conditions as well as muscular pain and tightness. You can even use it on insect and spider bites, minor burns, for sinus congestion and flu symptoms and many other conditions.

It works by relaxing sore muscles to reduce inflammation, while also increasing blood flow to calm painful nerve endings. The oil’s key components target the source of the inflammation by going deep into the skin to help promote the body’s natural healing process. 

As well as the natural benefits, the aroma of Australian Kunzea oil is often compared to the native scent of the Australian bush.

“Customers often remark on the pleasant fragrance of our products,” says Hayden. “They love the naturally clean and fresh aroma of the Kunzea oil.”
The Brass family is also donating a part of their sale profits to a fund to help research how the oil could help internal inflammation and unleash its full potential.

“It’s as a tribute to a good family friend we lost suddenly after so many years of inflammation due to chronic Crohn’s disease. We can’t bring back our friend, but he has inspired us to make a move to help beat chronic inflammation,” said Michelle.

In France, physicians have also been testing Australian Kunzea Oil to treat Crohn's Disease.

Hayden says, “We are on a mission to help people throughout the world live a more fulfilling, pain-free life.”

He also has a Bachelor of Commerce, where he focused on entrepreneurship, digital and traditional marketing. Hayden now also runs his own marketing consultancy for small businesses throughout Australia.