Contemporary Line of Tables Will Keep You Satisfied Says
11/03/2010 has announced the new 2011 line of luxurious, custom and contemporary pool tables including a free professional luxury accessory kit that is worth hundreds of dollars, which are extremely successful in the billiards market.

Online PR News – 03-November-2010 – – If you are looking for a new pool table, chances are you want one that is professional grade, and will add style and class to the room you are putting it in. Whether you are buying the table to hone your skill level to that of a professional competitor, or you just want to be able to have some relaxing fun with your family and friends, has a table that will be the perfect fit for you and your home.

With several classics and customer favorites in their inventory, it is no wonder that they have been extremely successful in the billiards market. However, with their introduction of the new 2011 line of tables, customers will find a new style of table that will be a competition level piece, with a first class style.

With luxuries and features like never before, these tables give you top of the line quality for a fraction of the price. If you thought their tables were amazing before, the 2011 line will blow you away.

With expert craftsmanship and the absolute finest materials, you are guaranteed to find a table you will fall in love with. These tables feature gorgeous full fringe pockets, precision routing, and antique finishes that will add class to any room in your home.

If you have ever played on a table whose materials were cheap and poor quality, chances are you knew it the instant you played on it. Your game suffers if the table is even a fraction off balance-it can throw off your entire game.

However, if you have ever played on a table which is made of 100% solid hardwood, with 1" thick slate that has been balanced to absolute precision, you probably felt like your game was at its absolute best.

The most outstanding part is that the price does not match the quality-the quality far exceeds the price! doesn't want you to have to break the bank to get a dazzling competition-level 2011 table.

Every table is uniquely designed to offer the most aesthetically pleasing look, to match its perfect construction and performance. No matter what your taste may be, they have a table that will suit you perfectly.

Every piece is completely uniform and harmonized. You are guaranteed that your table will be balanced rail by rail, piece by piece, to your satisfaction.

There is no reason to cut corners when it comes to something that should last you years and years. After all, why skimp on durability, when you will just have to buy a new table in a few short years?

If you are interested in a table, make sure to do your research, to know exactly what size of a table will work in your home. You should have at least ten feet of room around each side of your pool table, to ensure that you will not damage the walls in any way.

When it comes time to buy a table, note that not only are the tables shipped nationwide for free, but they also include a free professional luxury accessory kit, which is worth hundreds of dollars.

If you are tired of pool tables that fall apart too quickly, are improperly balanced, or who's appearance leaves something wanting, check out this incredible new line and get the table you deserve. With thousands of anxious customers waiting for the release of this line, order your 2011 table as soon as you can before they are gone!