SimplifyEm Introduces New Features in its Property Management Software

Starting your real estate rental business then Try property management software from SimplifyEm.

Online PR News – 13-October-2016 – Fremont / CA – SimplifyEm recently released its new version of property management software that is loaded with a range of features including automatic delivery of rent receipt, late rent notice, improved performance on tenant center and owner center, enhancement for supportability of online payment (automatic void/reverse) and improved workflow for setting up online payments.
In their previous release, the company already accounted for multiple other enhanced features that includes automatic creation of late fee, allowing the edit of leases that customers were getting stuck on, handling online payments after 5pm correctly, automatically creating withdrawal for two deposits and automatic creation of late fee due.

SimplifyEm has always hold a strong and reliable position as a world-class property management software provider. Their web based property management solution offers a wide range of benefits to landlords, property managers and tenants. Below are some of the most common benefits which any landlord or property manager can hope to reap from property management software by SimplifyEm.

It saves time
With the integration of all the features and functionalities at a single unified platform, property management software from SimplifyEm not only allows you to manage many properties at once but also helps you to automate mundane tasks like sending reminders to tenants about rent due date, data entry and report generation which are repetitive in nature and tends to eat time of the staff and employers.

Improved flow of money
In-built accounting features of property management software not only allow landlords and managers to keep track of rent but also help them in keeping track of the payments of various vendors. This helps in better expense management and proper flow of the money.

Better relation with the owners
With the help of owner portal, you can provide owners with all the information they need to know about their property such as maintenance, rent collection etc. This helps owners as they can clearly see the benefits they are reaping from their property and it also helps them in making more informed decision about the property.

Better tenant management
By providing tenants with the tenant portal you provide them excellent facility where they can log their complaints any time of the day, pay their rent electronically, see the upcoming maintenance schedules and can even ask questions if they have some doubts. Owner portal also provide a FAQ section where solutions for many general problems can be put so that tenant can access them any time they want.

Effective management of properties
Managing the properties effectively is the biggest benefit of SimplifyEm property management solution. With this you get to stay on top of tenant management which helps in keeping them happy. For any business to success customer satisfaction is a necessary factor. Effective management not only allows you speedy management of issues but also keep tenants informed about the progress of their requests.

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