Choose McKenney’s, Inc. to Upgrade Your Building Automation System to Niagara 4 (N4) by Tridium®

Choose McKenney’s, Inc. to Upgrade Your Building Automation System to Niagara 4 (N4) by Tridium®

Online PR News – 13-October-2016 – Atlanta, GA – Oracle® announced this year that they are eliminating support for their Java plug-in by the end of 2016, and it could affect buildings that are not running on Niagara 4 (N4) by Tridium®.

Java is a required software for users to view and interface with their Building Automation System (BAS). It is a favorite pathway for hackers and is estimated to be responsible for over 90 percent of security breaches. Once the Java plug-in is no longer supported, the user will likely log in and realize that their BAS graphics are no longer viewable. The system will continue to run in the background, but the user interface will be unavailable.

All Tridium customers and users of the Niagara Framework are impacted—whether the JACE hardware comes from McKenney’s, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Lynxpring, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Distech or other OEM rebrands of the Tridium product.

Tridium's Niagara Framework® is a global leader in building integration and enterprise connectivity. Tridium’s N4 is less reliant on plug-ins and instead utilizes HTML5 to give users maximum control over their BAS while increasing security and ease-of-use.

Upgrade to Niagara 4
The best option is to upgrade to N4 as soon as possible and eliminate the need for the Java plug-in before it’s no longer supported. Many factors, including the age of the user's system, the revision of system software currently running the BAS and budget constraints, will influence the upgrade. For more details on Niagara 4, please visit

Choose McKenney’s to keep your system operational
McKenney’s, Inc. is the top choice in automation and controls, and their team will ensure that the building automation system (BAS) continues to function properly, allowing users to access critical information so they can keep making informed building management decisions. Contact their team of automation and control experts today to discuss what solution is best for your facility. For more information, please visit

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