The Guided Meditation Site Offers Free Promotional Service To Other Meditation Websites

In a bold charitable move, The Guided Meditation Site now allows other meditation, relaxation and hypnosis related websites to advertise their audio products for free.

Online PR News – 03-November-2010 – – The Guided Meditation Site, a popular online resource for guided meditation downloads, meditation music and other meditation products, has launched a unique marketing opportunity. In a particularly charitable manoeuvre the site's founder, Dr Christopher Lloyd Clarke, has 'opened the doors' so to speak, and now permits other meditation related websites to promote their audio products for free on the pages of his website.

Says Dr. Clarke, "The Guided Meditation Site is as much about supporting the good work of meditation teachers and holistic healers as it is about providing information and quality products to consumers. We’re happy to share our web traffic with the wider community of healers and teachers around the world."

The Guided Meditation Site's free promotional service allows other websites to promote their guided meditations, guided relaxation and hypnosis audio products by displaying them with a full color image, a text description and a link to their website.

In a day and age where the word ‘free’ almost always comes with strings attached, it's nice to know that there are still organizations that are prepared to put the success of others ahead of their own bottom line. The Guided Meditation Site charges no fees or commissions of any type for this generous promotional service – a service that provides advertising space that is both free and permanent. Quite a rare offering indeed!

Dr Clarke is a meditation music composer and over the years he has worked with a wide range of meditation teachers, therapists and holistic healers to help them create guided audio productions for relaxation, meditation and personal development.

Noticing the difficulty that so many of these professionals had in achieving online success, he created The Guided Meditation Site in an effort to provide a resource that would help them reach a much wider audience with their work. Says Dr. Clarke:

"The Guided Meditation Site is committed to supporting other meditation related websites and to connecting its many visitors with teachers and healers all over the world. I invite anyone who has a meditation related audio product that they would like to distribute online to take advantage of this free service".

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