Text My Main Number, SAAS based Messaging Service to Enhance Business Communication Launched

Text My Main Number announces their launch of SMS to landline texting service which empowers the communication of a business.

Online PR News – 12-October-2016 – New York, New York – Text My Main Number is a renowned USA based company offering SAAS (Software as a Service) for sending text messages to the landline number. The company hereby announces the launch of their SMS to landline texting service.

Communication plays a significant role when it comes to the growth of any business. And this company offers easy and quick communication to various business verticals. By providing a smarter way of communication to various companies, Text My Main Number empowers their business and increases their customer satisfaction.

According to a spokesperson of the company, “One can easily manage to send and receive the SMS/MMS to and from a landline number. It has a very simple and easy to use interface which can be handled by anyone.” He further added that Text My Main Number has each that feature which is required for a smooth and glitch free interaction.

In order to have the work life balance, this product also keeps your personal and professional messages separated. The person from the company enlisted some robust features which are as under.

Key Features of This Business Texting Solution:
• Simple and easy user interface
• A specific landline number can be enabled to send/receive the messages
• Text, Picture and Multimedia messages can be sent and received
• Bulk messages can be sent in no time
• Messages can be scheduled for delivery on desired time
• A single message can be sent to multiple groups at a time
• Message signature can be customized
• All the contacts can be easily managed
• When required, delivery reports can also be seen and downloaded
• Messages can be separated (e.g. Personal and Professional messages)
• It can be used for more than one user

By showing the importance of this solution, the spokesperson also said that by using this amazing SAAS based service, the companies can build the most convenient and smart way of communication. Any industry, it may be, this texting service provides the most convenient communication. It is beneficial to a number of industry sectors.
• Law and Insurance Firms,
• Finance,
• Information & Technology
• Clubs and Bars,
• Hotels,
• Schools,
• Pharmacies and Medical Facilities

The spokesperson of Text My Main Number further announced some perks of this solution viz.
• Rapid communication
• Remote access
• Easy and simple to use
• Quick response
• Enhanced communication
• Improved business growth
• More return on the company’s investments
• Increased customer satisfaction

The best thing about this SMS to landline texting service is that it is available at affordable rates and can be implemented by all the companies – Large, medium and small scaled business sectors. And according the communication needs, the businesses can have this service benefits in four different plans – Basic, Small Business, Enterprise and Custom. In the last one, an opportunity is given to the user to choose the custom features.
He, at last, said, “If the communication is rapid and seamless, your customers will always be attended and they will remain satisfied. It would enhance the business in all the way, thereby increasing the business revenues.

To know more about Text My Main Number, visit http://textmymainnumber.com/