Sanbona Wildlife Reserve celebrates the birth of two more white lions

Sanbona Wildlife Reserve's programme to successfully establish free roaming white lions progresses.

Online PR News – 03-November-2010 – – This month Sanbona Wildlife Reserve celebrates the birth of two white lion cubs, one male and one female, seeing the continuation of the Mantis Group’s pioneering breeding project at this award-winning reserve in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Over the past seven years, Sanbona Wildlife Reserve has been engaged in an ambitious project to establish a population of free roaming white lions. Over the years the project has had many successes and setbacks but has progressed steadily with satisfying and gratifying results. The Sanbona white lion pride consisted of, two young white females, two mature white adult males and two tawny females. The pride functions according to normal lion pride behaviour, both socially and ecologically, exceeding all expectations and the project is considered a great success.
This month we celebrate the birth of two new white lion cubs born in a ravine on the Sanbona Wildlife Reserve. The excitement and relief was coupled by the fact that we had recently lost two of our male adult white lions. Despite this sad loss their legend lives on in these two new arrivals bringing the family pride together once more.

After a week the young, first time mother, left the cubs and rejoined the remainder of the pride and for several days the cubs were left on their own, unprotected and unfed with the lioness showing no signs of returning. It was at this point that the intervention of the qualified Mantis Wildlife Team saved these two new arrivals to ensure their survival.
After unsuccessful attempts were made to reconcile the cubs and their mother it was decided to remove the two cubs, one male and one female, to Shamwari Game Reserve’s Animal Rehabilitation Centre. Here professional veterinary and husbandry care will be provided to ensure the cubs survive their weakened condition and build up their strength and immunity to be able to play a future role in the white lion story of Sanbona.

The cubs will be raised with as little human contact as possible until they have been weaned from milk at around four months of age at which time they will be returned to Sanbona. Here they will be rebonded with their mother in an enclosure, a practice that we have successfully achieved in the past, after which they will be released back into the wild to rejoin their pride. Success is not guaranteed but the attempt is essential in achieving our objectives for the long term sustainability of the white lion pride.

Sanbona Wildlife Reserve is a Mantis property and a proud member of Mantis Preferred Boutique™