Logaway Introduces the End of Forgotten Passwords

Logaway.com, led by founder and CEO David Lynn, has created a clean, simple, and easy to use solution that's designed to look and acts like your familiar computer desktop.

Online PR News – 03-November-2010 – – MELVILLE, New York —November, 2010 — If you're a techie or hardcore internet user, you've probably heard of and even used some of the password management solutions currently available. The drawbacks to most of these are that they tend to be limited to one computer, they generally charge some kind of premium, and they do indeed seem to be aimed at the tech crowd. Logaway.com, led by founder and CEO David Lynn, has created a clean, simple, and easy to use solution that's designed to look and acts like your familiar computer desktop.
"The concept was born shortly after I lost a lost piece of luggage containing an extensive list of passwords on a business trip," said Lynn. "I had already been frustrated with the time it took to type in password after password, maintain records of various logins, and constantly having to reset passwords and deal with countless confirmation emails, call centers, and so on...So I decided it was finally time to simplify the process."
With Logaway, you’ll never need to click ‘forgot user ID’ or ‘forgot password’ again. There’s literally no need to remember which email address you signed up with or what password you used. Add the sites you use to your Logaway Startpage, enter your user name and password just once into the icon, and you'll get 1-click access any time you want to login to one of your sites. And the best part? It's accessible anywhere there is an internet connection.
The company quietly launched in May of this year and has been gaining momentum across the globe over the following months as users began enthusiastically blogging about the site and sharing with their friends.

Is Logaway Secure?
Of course, the nagging question that comes to anyone's mind when you start talking about storing passwords is, "Is it secure?" Logaway's security is based on an unbreakable 256 bit encrypted connection, the same one recommended and used by the NSA. Thanks to our Logaway Key and host-proof-hosting technology, your personal information never actually leaves your browser, so it's inaccessible to identity thieves across the globe. In addition, Logaway is tested daily for vulnerabilities by McAfee and its privacy practices have been certified by TRUSTe. You can learn more at https://www.logaway.com/security

Who is Logaway for?
Logaway was built for anyone using the internet. With over 1.8 Billion people online in 2010, according to InternetWorldStats.com, and the average person having to manage 6 or more password protected sites, Logaway sees an amazing opportunity where most would see a disaster.

"Many users have half a dozen passwords to remember. That’s why the most common password is ‘password’," says Psychologist Kim-Phuong Vu of California State University, Long Beach. "The usual solution is to write it down. But how secure is that? Practicality wins. The probability of remembering six passwords is not that great. Half the people who say they never write down their passwords need to have their passwords reset because of forgetting."
While the core of Logaway is its password management feature, Logaway intends to offer a revolution in browsing. As his team designed the system, Lynn constantly reminded his programmers to make it easy enough for his 70-year-old grandmother to use it.

What Makes Logaway Different?
Most importantly, usability. It seems as though user-friendly navigation has not been a priority of previous password-streamlining services. Universal accessibility, of course, provides advantages over software-based services. And in comparison to other internet-based options, Logaway offers an easy to navigate, visually appealing desktop, as well as added features like gadgets, coupons, an all-in-one integrated chat client, and thousands of pre-loaded sites. Logaway also offers unsurpassed customer service, including how-to/help videos, fact sheets, a customer forum/blog, and customer call-backs within a day.
Lynn adds, "We're extremely tuned to the way our users interact with the site. And we're most interested in hearing from our non-technical base."

About Logaway
Founded in May 2010, Logaway’s mission is to SIMPLIFY its users' lives, PROTECT their data, and easily CONNECT them to their most valuable information online. Free for anyone to sign up and start using immediately, Logaway is a privately-held company and is headquartered in Melville, New York.