Newly Released iPhone Software Brings Classic Comic Entertainment to Life

Ground breaking iPhone software released this month provides a novel way for iPhone consumers to read comics

Online PR News – 29-September-2009 – – Utah, United States – Wednesday 29th September 2009: From the US company who brought the iPhone App Builder to the table comes 'Comic Book App'; a unique application for the iPhone that allows users to download and view comics on their handset. The software service provider company,, are now celebrating the release of their innovate iPhone software app, whose opportune release date came just days before the iPhone 3.1 operating system update.

Up until now focused on iPhone software that teaches users how to create iPhone apps. However, now that Comic Book App has been launched under the DMBC publishing platform the company are keen to get word out that there are two ways to use it. The first is to subscribe through and the second is to become a publisher and talk to directly about licensing out the Comic Book App.

"We have already signed several popular Comic Book Series and are especially pleased to work with Phil Yeh (” says CEO Roger Lichfield. “We met Phil at San Diego Comic Con and are now promoting his popular series "The Winged Tiger”. We have been inspired to be a part of his crusade for literacy across the world."

Parent company and publishing platform DMBC launched in 2008. Since then they've released iPhone software entitled 'My App Builder' that teaches users how to create iPhone apps, and 'Comic Book App' that allows users to customize and view comics on their handset. Amongst being able to choose between comic downloads the user can opt to view them as a slideshow, change animations between frames and even the background colors they appear on.

A unique iPhone software Comic book reader has been developed in time for the new iPhone operating system update to version 3.1. DMBC's Comic Book App developers predict that the iPhone software will bridge the gap between the classic entertainment of comic books and the cutting edge technology of the Apple iPhone.