Kelly Swanson's Humor and Hope Fall Tour Comes To A Close

Award-Winning Storyteller and Comedian spreads messages of hope and encouragement throughout the Southeast.

Online PR News – 03-November-2010 – – Now more than ever, people need some motivation and laughter - some words of encouragement - some tips on how to adjust in times of stress and change - some advice on how to stand up and stick out in an ever crowded market. Kelly Swanson did just that.

Kelly Swanson, award-winning storyteller, comedian, motivational speaker, author of “Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale?” Creative Muse, and owner of Swanson Speaks just completed her Fall speaking tour taking her outrageously funny and powerful messages of encouragement, hope, and education to corporations, associations, conferences, and women’s events throughout the Southeast.

From September to October, 2010, Kelly's shows hit twelve different cities, for groups like the Long Term Care Facilities Association, Women of GE Aircraft Engines, Case Managers Association, SE Warehouse Association, Women’s Methodist Retreat, Charlotte Parent Magazine Mom’s At Work Event, Women’s Business Conference, Corporate Bank Training Day, Community College Staff Development Day, State Human Resources Conference, SE Health Network Forum.

Kelly's goal was to deliver a message of humor and hope and encouragement, along with tools to help them handle stress and change in the workplace and showing them how to stand up and stick out in a crowded market. Kelly's programs help people in all tiers of the organization to make themselves invaluable to their organizations, their employers, their employees, their clients and patients - to be powerful leaders and followers in their businesses and in their communities.

As Kelly says it best:
" Times are tough for many people in their lives and in their businesses right now. We are having to do more with less – to work twice as hard for half as much. Many of us are finding that our lives aren’t going according to plan and we have no idea what the future will look like. Morale is low and many employees have become disconnected with their value to the bottom line. There is and will continue to be a shortage of talent – so employers are having to work harder to recruit and retain quality people – and employees who question their job security are working twice as hard to make themselves invaluable to their employees. Stress is at an all time high. Now, more than ever, people need a second wind.

That’s what I do. I come in and make them laugh a lot – and show them that they always have the power to change their perspective on their obstacle. I remind them of their value and importance to their job and to their community – breathe new life into the vision and mission of their organization. And I give them some tools and a new perspective on how to stand up and stick out in a crowded market."

What’s Next? Kelly will continue to take her funny motivational keynotes to corporate audiences across the United States. She is working on a series of articles centering around Creativity in the Workplace. Her next book, “Don’t Make Me Pull This Car Over: A Hilarious and Inspiring Journey through Motherhood” is expected to launch in 2012.

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