Book Launch Madam President Rise of Matriarchy Book Predicts US Presidential Elections 2016

This book predicts the outcome of US Presidential elections 2016. Author has uniquely predicted by Data Science and Astrology to predict the election results.

Online PR News – 12-October-2016 – Bangalore – Author and Master Predictor Puneet Mathur Book Madam President Rise of Matriarchy proves scientifically that the planets in our solar system do have an effect on major events on our lives. It took the Author 6 months of research to gather data and to do data munging activities and then to analyze and build a predictive analytics model for predicting the US Presidential Elections. The Author found that the traditional notions of Predictive Analytics do not work such as the assumption that it is not possible to predict Outliers. Traditional Predictive Analytics and Data Science technologies cannot predict first time events like 9/11 or Election of a Woman Leader for the first time in a country. Through this book you will gain insight into this innovative approach and the hidden secret planetary configurations of using Astrology and Data Science together to make a model to build a forecast for US Presidential elections in 2016. The book is available on and worldwide.