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The recent global economic meltdown has added even more pressure to our already stressful life. What better way to release some of this tension than by playing creative, enjoyable and entertaining games online? Visit, Played Online Ltd’s large and vintage online gaming site.

Online PR News – 10-April-2009 – – April 8, 2009 - Anyone looking for games online should head over to This is one of the best portals available for those looking for free games. The site offers over 2000 free games spread over 11 categories. The categories are: action, adventure, arcade, and dress up, puzzle, shooting games, strategy games, tower defense, typing and sports. Each category has a wide selection of games that is sure to suit varying tastes. People of all ages are sure to enjoy what this site has to offer to the entertainment world.

The strategy games section, for example, has over 60 games of many types spread over four pages. Some games are based on anime and television cartoons like Dragon ball Z while others are very close to reality like the game called Train Traffic Control. This is why people of all personalities are likely to find games to entertain them for a long time.

Similarly, the action games section has over 1200 games that also have a wide range. Examples include Dogfight 2, Submarine Combat, Honk man and many other such interesting games. The arcade section has over 500 games like Kato can, Behind Enemy Lines and Nighthawk I. The other categories are no less interesting and it will take even avid gamers a long time to discover all that this site has to offer.

Also very interesting is the fact that each game has a list of high scores that allow a gamer to aspire to beat the highest score. It gives the potential gamer the initiative and motivation to do better. There is also the satisfaction that one is the best in some of the games online. Moreover, user comments are also displayed and this gives a more human touch to the site. The ability to interact with fellow gamers and to get encouragement from them is a very valuable feature.

In the website, the various categories are listed right at the top and thus, navigation is very simple. Each game is indicated by a screenshot which, upon being clicked, launches the game. The few ads that are required to maintain the site are very unobtrusive and do not get in the way of site navigation at all. The flash animation for the top panel is very attractive. Full focus is provided to the games and all other details take backstage in this site.

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Played Online Ltd owns, which is a large and vintage online gaming site. It has more than 2000 free online games in over ten categories. Games are available for download too. For more details and lots and lots of entertainment, please visit

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