Bang Bang Pictures' 'The Last Conversation' to Screen at the Kansas International Film Festival

Writer and director Badr Farha's film "The Last Conversation" has been chosen as an Official Selection of the Kansas International Film Festival.

Online PR News – 10-October-2016 – Los Angeles, CA – Based on a true story, the dramatic film "The Last Conversation," which earned the Award of Recognition from the IndieFEST Film Awards earlier this year, has been chosen as an Official Selection of the 16th annual Kansas International Film Festival.

The film is slated to screen at the Glenwood Arts Theatre in Overland Park, Kansas on Nov. 7 at 5:25 p.m. during the festival, which runs from Nov. 4 - 10.

Written and directed by multitalented filmmaker Badr Farha, "The Last Conversation" centers on one man's struggle to be honest with his family about his true identity as he comes to grips with the pain of the imminent loss of his dying mother. When Luci learns of his mother Yvonne's progressed state of terminal cancer, he is faced with the pressing need to reveal some difficult truths about himself. But as Luci searches inside for the strength to come clean about his life, it seems it may be too late.

The film stars Don Lucas as Luci, who is known for his work in the films "The last Godfather" starring Harvey Keitel, "Killer Drag Queens on Dope", the series "Dead Grandma" and "Series Regular". Christopher Callen as Yvonne who is known for her work in the films "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," "Hollywood Seagull," "Little Saigon" and "Enchanted".

The Last Conversation

"The response the film has received has been overwhelming to say the least, specifically that people have had a relative or friend that went through the same exact situation or that someone facing the same struggles were able to relate to this piece of narrative," explains Farha.

"Most importantly I find that it compels audiences to act or confront their fears with those closest to them. I find such human truths explored in this film delve head first into such universal truths. I've realized the response has been mainly visceral and non rational which I believe hits a higher level of our conscious, almost primal."

The film's gripping score, which audiences can check out in the film's trailer, was composed by Julian De La Chica, whose otherworldly compositions are strongly influenced by his inner spiritual life, and performed by the Scorchio Quartet in New York.

Shortlisted for the Cannes Film Festival's Court Metrage last year, "The Last Conversation" brings to life an emotionally charged story that will be relevant and touching to audiences around the globe.

The film was produced by Bang Bang Pictures, the production company behind the films "The Delicious," "Without This Hope, You Are Not," "Mach 1," "Bloodline" and "The Minotaur."

Georges Chamchoum, International Director of the Asian World Film Festival, says, "When I first saw 'The Last Conversation,' where [Badr] displayed his immense talent and sense of creativity, I was struck by his natural talent - that exploded literally onscreen. I was impressed not only by his passion and commitment, but by his vibrant personality".

With a keen eye focused on a project's visual aspects and set design, Farha brings together a unique set of skills that endow his films with the necessary tone and setting to pull the audience into the story as it unfolds onscreen.

Under the direction of Farha, the cast of "The Last Conversation" comes together to deliver a poignant performance that is magnetic and not to be missed. Callen, who recently finished a successful run starring in the Odyssey Theatre's production of Emmy Award winning writer Peter Lefcourt's "Drama Queens from Hell," where she played the over-hill TV star Maxine Zabar.

Audiences in Los Angeles can also catch "The Last Conversation" star Don Lucas in the world premiere of "The Tragedy of JFK" running at the Skylight Theatre through Nov. 6. Directed by Daniel Henning, Lucas plays the roles of Texas oilman Clint Murchison Sr. and FBI agent Clyde Tolson, J. Edgar Hoover's alleged lover, in the production.

In addition to the upcoming screening of "The Last Conversation" at KIFF in November, the film, which also screened at the Indie Night Film Festival and London's Discover Film Festival, will be available for purchase on iTunes in December.