Excelite is looking for New Swimming Pool Enclosure Dealers in Australia

Excelite Plastic Ltd., a leading polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure manufacturer in China is looking for dealers in Australia.

Online PR News – 10-October-2016 – Suzhou – Excelite Plastic Ltd., a leading polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure manufacturer in China is looking for dealers in Australia. This is an attempt to reach out to the existing client base Excelite has established in this region. Excelite is an equal opportunity provider that aims to help its partners realize a good ROI as they sell, distribute, install and maintain pool enclosures.

“Excelite offers flexible options, which we have tested in other global markets and so far, our product distributors/dealers in the North America and Europe have benefited from this program,” said Sunny, Marketing Manager. “We are one of the largest and trusted polycarbonate swimming pool manufacturer in China that sells complete enclosures from $2,999. By bringing together pool enclosure dealers in Australia, I believe we can create a value driven cooperation for both our companies in the long term.”

All interested individuals should contact the company directly either through email or telephone. Excelite will be working with swimming pool enclosure dealers directly. There are no middlemen, brokers or subcontractors.

Companies or existing businesses should take note of the following:

1.Requirements for pool enclosure dealers in Australia

Excelite team is looking for a forward-thinking, trusted, dedicated and self-motivated individuals/companies/businesses to distribute swimming pool enclosures. Applicants should meet the following criteria:

-Businesses/companies should attach all legal documents to prove their legal existence. This is should include certified copies of current business registration certificates/documents, incorporation certificate, proof of existence (geographical location), tax compliance certificates and a complete company profile.

-Financial capability; the company should have an initial start-up (confirm with Excelite) and good credit rating. Attach at least 3 quarterly audited financial reports.

-Experience and facilities; dealers should indicate their experience in the swimming pool enclosure industry. This will enable Excelite to organize necessary training; from basic to advanced. Necessary facilities may include warehouse, showrooms, installation equipment, etc. Excelite team will help competent businesses/companies acquire the right equipment and facilities.

-Individuals; must operate under a business name with all legal documentation requirements proving their existence. They should draft a realistic and sustainable business model to reach out to customers. It could be through their privately owned websites or blog. If possible, individuals operating blogs should indicate number of visitors per month. Attach verifiable metrics.

To facilitate this process, Excelite intends to use a flexible model to help swimming pool enclosure dealers in Australia realize a success in this industry.

2.Excelite basic training/orientation

Excelite will do the following:

-Provide dealer management system
-Offer swimming pool enclosure resources
-Train and orient dealers, depending on level of experience. These will include pool enclosure installation, renovation and maintenance training.

OEM clients/businesses can also work with Excelite since they are bound to benefit from flexible pricing options.

About Excelite Plastics Ltd.
Excelite Plastic Ltd. is the leading polycarbonate swimming pool manufacturer in China. With a price range between $2,999 and $12,000; the enclosures offer a price advantage and conforms to required safety standards (ASTM and CE). Excelite pool enclosures come with a 15 year warranty with unmatched wind speed and snow load rating.
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