Gift of Forest Announces to Sell Complete Range of Puja Accessories

Pooja accessories like havan samagri, loban and sambrani, raw camphor, chandan tilak powder and incense stcks, dhoop sticks are important part of every.

Online PR News – 10-October-2016 – Bhopal – For Immediate Release

Premium Camphor, Chandan Tilak, and Havan Samagri introduced by Gift of Forest

Bhopal, India.

Gift of Forest the Leading Supplier; wholesaler and distributor are pleased to announce its new product Puja Accessories in the current category. The Navratri Season is coming; mostly Indian people start all auspicious and good work in Navratri by doing Havans, pujas, and small religious ceremony. Concerning this factor, the company brought divine puja accessories, especially for Navratri festival.

The company offers varied pooja accessories in different kinds of stuff. It includes havan samagri, Camphor (kapor) Chandan tilak powder, and pure natural loban sambarani, Premium Incense sticks, and dhoop cones etc. all have varies uses and benefits in pooja and havans. Pure natural Loban sambarani has its own uniqueness. It is a 500 gm. pack. It is in the form of bar or slab which helps to crush it proper when used. Loban sambarani is used in traditional Vedic purification of home as well as workplace and also use while offering pray and meditation. Camphor is also an important part of pooja accessories. The company offers a pack of 500 gm. of original raw camphor Kapur for pray and puja and also use for havan or religious rituals. It is wholesale packs consist of 50gm each in 10 packs. It is believed that aarti appeases God and Goddesses. It is said that lighting of camphor also rectifies devdosh and pitrdosh. It is mostly used in aartis. Scientifically it is believed that lighting of camphor kills harmful germs and purifies it. Ashtagandha Chandan Tilak powder is also in pooja accessories serving great benefits and used by many peoples. It gives a good fragrance and also creates a cooling sensation when it is applied on the forehead.

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The company is leading dealer and supplier of pooja accessories in India and across the globe. The company is striving to bring products made by people who are dependent on forest for their livelihood thus providing a platform to showcase their products at the national level with fair prices. For more pooja accessories you can visit -

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