Many internal infections are often untreatable and persist indefinitely.

Online PR News – 10-October-2016 – Frankston, Victoria 3199, Australia. – What is Electromedicine? Electromedicine is a very broad and diverse field of therapeutic and enhancing applications of stronger to weaker direct and alternating electrical currents and electromagnetic fields to the human body in a variety of ways and for a wide range of effects.

We now regularly utilize a new generation of electromedical devices and applications:

* Silver iontophoresis for localized bacterial and viral infection alternative treatments of internal tissue targets
* Bioelectric wound healing electro-stimulation
* Internal fibrotic tissue reversal via cellular modification from electro-stimulation

Infection treatments

Many internal infections are often untreatable and persist indefinitely. These hard-to-reach, "unconquerable" infections are due to both the ineffectiveness of present antimicrobial agents and the limited methods available for medication delivery. Compounding the problem, many viruses are little known, and very few antiviral agents exist at all. The general problem of intractable infections is also exacerbated by increasingly common superbugs-resistant to even the strongest and broadest spectrum antibiotics. Infections in wounds are also becoming more chronic for the same reason.

Silver iontophoresis or Programmable Microcurrent device provides an efficient, and now readily available solution to these medical needs. The electrically generated silver ion is an extremely broad spectrum antibacterial and antiviral agent.1 Silver ions have wide effect against both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, far beyond the reach of any one pharmaceutical antibiotic. This broad spectrum activity extends to antibiotic resistant superbugs including MRSA, VRE, P. aeruginosa, etc. Silver ions have also been shown to be effective agents against Herpes, Influenza, HIV and Adenovirus families. Silver iontophoresis also provides alternative Bacterial and viral Infections, Chest Infections alternative treatment, Helicobacter Pylori Alternative Treatment, HPV infection alternative treatment, Urinary Tract and Kidney Infections alternative treatment, Alternative cancer treatment, Fibrosis Reversing Treatment, etc.

The direct and targeted delivery of constant current silver iontophoresis is independent of normal hæmodynamics or various local or systemic pathologies of the vascular system. Iontophoresis solves virtually all medication delivery problems encountered by oral or infusion pharmaceutical drugs.


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Richard Malter
Director of Clinic and Research
Electromedicine Clinic & Research Lab
Frankston, VIC, Australia.
Research Institute of Global Physiology Behavior and Treatment, USA